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  1. Dear Nurse Beth, 

    I need the correct advice . My nursing journey to become a RN has been the hardest and longest journey of my life . I graduated nursing school with my BSN in August 2017 . I have taken the NCLEX 4 times in the past 2 years . At this point I am so ashamed and embarrassed . There has been so many psychosocial issues that have happened in my life that at one point I started to doubt myself to even become a RN . I did all the work in nursing school and went to a prestigious nursing school . It doesn’t make any sense to me how I can’t seem to pass the NCLEX but I am still trying . 

    My question is , will employers not hire me because it has been so long ? Should I be honest if I have an interview to tell them that I haven’t passed in the NCLEX in 4 times . I do have a tutoring job right now but it has nothing to do with nursing . I miss every aspect of nursing and hope one day I will pass the NCLEX. 

    1. Nurse Beth

      Nurse Beth, MSN

      One day has to be soon. You need a sense of urgency and a plan. Having a plan will help reduce your feelings of shame. I would put everything into taking and passing the NCLEX. Otherwise, you will live with regrets.

      Take an NCLEX review course. Consider hiring a private tutor. They can help you pinpoint exactly why you are not passing. Damion Jenkins, RN, is such a tutor who will create an individualized study plan for you.

      After you pass, I can give you tips for landing a job. Definitely check out my book below- but first things first.

      Best wishes, my friend

      Nurse Beth

      Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!



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