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  1. meimeiy

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    Hi I was wondering how is the OR experience? Do you know if they are hiring? I heard they provide subsidized housing. I would greatly appreciate your response. thanks!
  2. meimeiy

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    Could you please tell me if NYP is hiring right now? I would greatly appreciate your response. I work out a hospital on long island and I need to relocate of my family situation. I interviewed at St. Vincents. I am going to Beth Israeli next week. I heard that NYP offers subsidized housing.
  3. meimeiy

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    I have an ADN and I was hired last year when I graduated. I heard from my manager that there is a freeze and they are not hiring new nurses. They want 6 months of experience and they prefer a BSN of course.
  4. meimeiy


    Hi there. It should be resulted by 48 hours, you just have to pay the fee online or via phone. My friend's cousin did 75 questions and she didn't pass. That doesnt mean that you didn't. Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. meimeiy

    What should I do - Nassau Community College

    Congratulations MoonMovingSoul! Nassau is definitely much harder than I thought it would be. In regards to the math test, I'm sure in lab that your professor goes through many practice questions. What I did before each math exam, is do the questions over and over until nausea. Believe it or not, I got use to not using a calculator anymore. Remember that every semester, the first day of school you have to take the math exam. I'm a senior now, and can't wait to graduate! Best of luck!
  6. meimeiy

    Give it to me hard! -

    Hi Lurdes777, I would suggest going to all the nursing school in the NYC area, go the admissions office and generally you can speak to a counselor immediatedly. I have my bachelor's in Political Science and Psych. When I decided to go into nursing, I went to all the schools on long island. Bring your transcripts and they will be very honest with you. I took these pre-reqs: One year of Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Micro, Child Psych, Statistics. I earned all A's. So, it's a great possibly you can do it too. With hard work and determination, you can do it. On another note, I think you would have a better chance of getting into a private school in NYC rather than community college because the latter has much higher applicants. Good luck!
  7. meimeiy


    You were the pt's advocate! We need more people in the nursing profession who truly put the patient's needs in priority. You provided the patient a sense of safety and comfort that he deserved. The nurse should thank you for helping her take care of the patient's immediate needs. You are a great person and you will be a great nurse!
  8. meimeiy

    fall deadline & pre-req's for school

    Hi Mary. You can check Nassau Community College's website and you will find the information there. When I applied, I had A&P 1 and 2, Eng 101, Math, Child Psychology, Sociology, that was the minimum requirement. But, please check the site to see if I missed out on anything. The pre-reqs must be completed (meaning already on your transcript) at the time you are handing in your application. Acceptance is based on GPA plus the number of credits you have. For instance, I had 48 credits from a previous college. If you and I have the same GPA, but you have 12 credits, I would have priority. I think the required GPA is 3.0 but many students I know have a 3.5 or above. I hope this makes sense. Good luck!:balloons:
  9. Hi. Does anyone know a hospice with good or great reputation in the long island or in the city? Thanks a lot!
  10. Before I started nursing, I couldn't imagine cleaning something's poo poo. Now, it's just part of the job and I don't think twice about it. Once in a while, the stink would make me want to throw up. The most important thing I know is I am meeting the patient's most basic needs. I don't enjoy bathing patients but I love how it provides comfort. And when they smile and looked refreshed, it maked ME feels so good. That makes me happy. A few psych patients I had, threw feces at me. So, someone has to clean them up. LOL.
  11. meimeiy

    A Flutter irregular, it is A Fib?

    Hi. I work in a cardiac hospital and we were taught that if a A flutter strip has R-R intervals that are irregular then it is AFib. The head EKG instructor said A flutter is always regular. What do you guys think? and why? Thank you!!
  12. :monkeydance:Hi. I'll be graduating in Maaaayyy! (I hope) The program is definitely hard and evokes a lot of anxiety. My anxiety usually occurs during clinicals, when the professor is drilling you about the patients, adaptations, why MD ordered these tests, meds, labs and the careplans are awful but I have to say it helps with the learning process. So, any feedbacks from nurses who graduated from NCC or those still attending?
  13. meimeiy

    Amusing patient

    I was in a similar situtation. I had a pt, post CABG, we had some good conversations of what he was going through, life.. etc. A few days later, I returned to work, I went to do his VS, I asked him if he has any pain, he said "not until now" Well! anyway, he returned me later that afternoon and was very nice then. HAHAH.
  14. meimeiy

    I hate nursing....

  15. meimeiy


    Okay. I could stomach the others but the one with trach is just disgusting.
  16. hi. i'm a nurse tech at a cardiac hospital. yesterday, a pt, 50 years old, was transferred from icu to our unit post cabg three days ago. the pt is ao x3, but i saw him getting out of bed with his sequential teds on and nasal cannula, trying to walk around, doesn't seem to be aware that he is attached to the equipments. i immediately go in and asked him to have a seat. i told him he needs to use the call bell because he is unsteady and he cried "whah" and didn't say anything else. later his wife informed me that he had a reaction to the anesthesia from the surgery and ever since he has been acting like a different person and she doesn't even know him anymore. we put the bed alarm on him for safety and later that night he got out of bed, still very confused. i informed the nurse and she didn't do anything about this situation. i went to the charge nurse and she called the pa. when he came, he consoled the wife and told her this is normal. i would like to learn more about this if anyone has had this experience. i empathize for the wife because it would be puzzling to see my husband act like a completely different person three days post surgery. i have seen older adults become delusional after taking meds like ambien, morphine but the next day they are back to their old self. how common is this? what can be done to help this patient?