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  1. How does a respirator fit test work?

    That's just the size/type of mask that fits you...they should have each size available and you just need to make sure to choose the one that fits you properly to be protected.
  2. Please tell me this isn't normal

    Nope, NOT normal and I would not subject yourself to that. It's a dangerous situation. THere's a reason why nurse duties (and those shared by med aides/techs) and regular patient care positions are usually separate, and when they aren't and a nurse/t...
  3. "But the patients sleep all night don't they?"

    I have one of those...he is tube fed and they run so much water through him, I change his bed at least 4 times a night.
  4. "But the patients sleep all night don't they?"

    I HATE YOU. Can I come work with you? LOL. I just went back to nights after a year of seconds, and I've been on the one hall with the severely demented resident with Down's about sundowning, just screams and strips all night long. I m...
  5. Things we think that we do not say... humorous...

    OH I so feel you on the admissions thing. I work at a children's home, so our residents are primarily severely disabled children and young adults - due to the nature of many of their conditions, there just aren't as many behavioral issues as I had in...
  6. 11-7? or 7-3? or 3-11? Which ones the best shift for you?

    I prefer 2nd and 3rd shifts. I am NOT a morning person, so days is just miserable for me. I like the work of 2nds better, but I love 3rd shift's hours. I'm a night owl, and I really enjoy the quieter atmosphere with fewer managers and people around t...
  7. Do I have to work in LTC?

    It's possible to get a job in areas other than LTC, but in some areas it is very difficult as a new CNA.
  8. I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units

    If a person thinks I am not worthy of respect as a professional because I am wearing a cartoon print, then I don't care if I have their respect or not, personally. I will not refrain from wearing things I like and that make me happy (within my facili...
  9. SHOES.

    Danskos are uncomfortable for me, but I love Birkis!
  10. Can a Nurse have a Tattoo???

    See, when it comes to this stuff, what's the point? Does gauze on a wrist, or a band-aid or something similar covering a tattoo really look more professional? As long as the tattoo isn't vulgar, I think it's silly.
  11. Can a Nurse have a Tattoo???

    I have three tattoos. Our company's general rule is that they must be covered, but they are fairly lax on that and have a few employees with not easily covered tattoos (back of neck, wrist, etc). Mine are mostly covered, though the bottom of one of t...
  12. Best shoes for young nurse with plantar fascitis

    I haven't yet found the perfect shoe for me, but I have found that the characteristics I need to look for are a combination of cushioning and support, which is hard to find. Supportive shoes that aren't cushy enough kill the balls of my feet, while n...
  13. Are all CNAs mean

    Well, I'm sorry that's been your experience, but it's not everyone's. Where I work, the vast majority of the staff are personable. Yes, everyone has their days, but in general, of our 40 or so aides employed where I work, there are generally only 2 o...
  14. Indiana?...CNA job advice..

    I live in Indiana as well...and I'll say that you do not necessarily make more at a hospital. It really depends on the city. I actually took a 75 cent pay cut when I left LTC and went to the hospital...but now I make the same at a different LTC than ...
  15. Are all CNAs mean

    And frankly, if you're going to go onto a board full of CNAs and post a thread with this title, you should expect annoyed replies.
  16. Are all CNAs mean

    Thank you, fuzzy, this last paragraph is exactly what I've been trying to say. If you're voicing these assumptions to us, it's very likely that you're making them pretty clear in your actions.
  17. Are all CNAs mean

    As I said before, said CNA could just be a jerk in general, could have been having a bad day, could have been rubbed the wrong way by the students, or could have been just fine and been misinterpreted, any number of reasons that a person of any type ...
  18. Are all CNAs mean

    How do you know these particular aides are jealous of her? I really hate the "Oh, they must be jealous" line. If they really wanted to go to school, they probably would. Maybe some of them already are. Not every aide desires to be a nurse. Just sayin...
  19. Things we think that we do not say... humorous...

    "No. No, that is not the biggest one I've ever seen..."
  20. Are all CNAs mean

    Yep! No matter how nice of a person you are, sometimes you just can't work up a fake smile when you're trying to juggle 20 things at once.
  21. Are all CNAs mean

    First of all, CNAs are not a separate species. There are mean CNAs, nice CNAs, and everything else under the sun, just like every other career. Maybe they were having a day from hell. Maybe you misinterpreted their looks as "dirty" (people often thi...
  22. CNAs working in corrections

    Prisons around here do hire CNAs. I don't know exactly what they DO, but I do know that the positions exist!
  23. Things we think that we do not say... humorous...

    "The constant sight of your angry, discolored, misshapen penis has permanently killed my sex drive." To the resident who spends about 78 percent of the time roaming the facility naked and becoming combative when you try to dress him: "Dooo your balls...
  24. I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units

    I personally feel brighter and happier when I wear "brighter and happier" scrubs. I'd rather come to work and take care of my residents feeling good than the drab potato sack feeling I had back when I was required to wear solid khaki colored scrubs....
  25. What kind of shoes do you wear for work?

    I have about 6 pairs of shoes I rotate through, I find it's best to not wear the same shoes every day. I have some clogs and some walking shoes/toning shoes, the only requirements for me is that they have decent arch support and good cushioning and ...