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caring an infant
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floriza specializes in caring an infant.

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  1. floriza

    Saint Mary's University

    Does anyone here from Saint Mary's University in Nueva Vizcaya? I finish my BEEd there way back in 2002 and planning to get a BSN degree. I heard that they are very strict in their BSN course,any comment on this school? Thank you.
  2. Hi,I will be going home to the Philippines(Im working in Singapore now) on June to enroll BSN. Im damn scared for even I was an honor student during my school days,I've been out of school for almost 8 years.I have search the net for information as much as possible...everyone seems to have the same views on Nursing,hectic,stressfull,very diificult,and expensive,etc.. If you would please give me some tips on keeping my grades A's,it will be very much appreciated.Thank you..
  3. floriza

    Please Tell me..

    Thank you guys for all the infos.. I will be enrolling this coming June in a University in the Philippines and Im really damn scared.Although I was an honor student during my school days,I've been out of School for almost 8 years,work Overseas as a Caregiver in a home..Being just 24 years old,I really dont see any future for me in my current job. I've been searching the net for as much information as possibe,and all seems to have the same views about Nursing..Expensive,Cracking brains,hectic,stressfull..etc.." But I really want to be an RN,not only that everyones says its a promising career but I just have this heart of doing so..If you would offer some tips about Nursing,I am much of a grateful..
  4. floriza

    Please Tell me..

    Hi to everyone here.. Just want to ask if it is really true that Nursing Course in the Philippines will take five years to finish? it is said that there is a change of the usual four years..Please tell me.thank you.