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  1. Incompetent CRNAs?

    I'm a hospital PACU nurse where we recover patients from a wide variety of sugeries, with all acuities from day surgery to ICU patients. Over my time working there I've learned which CRNAs are best and which are not so good. This week I had an experi...
  2. Autonomic dysreflexia in PACU

    I'm a new PACU nurse; I've only been only the floor for about 2 months. (Although I have several years of MedSurg experience.) I had a quadriplegic patient yesterday who seemed to be going into autonomic dysreflexia after he had a Baclofen pump impla...
  3. Working PACU with young children at home

    Well, I didn't get hired at that position but I did get hired for another PACU job; this one is 10:30-7pm and Monday-Friday. But I don't have to take any night call and the only weekends I have to work is a call every 6 weeks. Hoping it will work out...
  4. I'm an RN who is getting back into the nursing field after taking a 5-year break for raising my kids. I've got a Med-Surg background but don't really want to do those hours or the grind of MedSurg. I've interviewed for a few different Day Surgery pos...