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I'm an RN who is getting back into the nursing field after taking a 5-year break for raising my kids. I've got a Med-Surg background but don't really want to do those hours or the grind of MedSurg. I've interviewed for a few different Day Surgery positions, primarily PACU. The manager I interviewed with today said she loved me and thought I was highly qualified. (Not counting my chickens before they hatch, though! Lol) It's 10:45-7:15 shift four (occasionally five) weekdays a week with typical Day Surgery call-1 night every other week and 1 weekend every six weekends.

Has as anyone worked a shift like this with young children at home? I'm nervous because I will be home just before their bedtime and then not home the nights I take call. Am I crazy for wanting this job so much?? I think I would LOVE it. I've been dying to get into critical care and this looks like a perfect job for my experience level.

I'm assuming you will only see your children half an hour or so before they go to school or daycare four days a week and a snuggle and kiss after they are in bed.

It will be a lot of "quality" time you will miss out on. But it's just four days????

I wouldn't worry about the call time, that doesn't seem to bad.

Only you can decide. Maybe try it? Maybe getting 7 am to 3 pm shifts will some day be available in that unit. Or you can get a few months of good experience and apply at a different surgery center with better hours?

Well, I didn't get hired at that position but I did get hired for another PACU job; this one is 10:30-7pm and Monday-Friday. But I don't have to take any night call and the only weekends I have to work is a call every 6 weeks. Hoping it will work out ok and that I can switch to a different shift before too long!! I am excited about the nursing opportunity. It seems like a great job and the pay is fantastic.

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I hope it works well for your schedule, I find that most of our PACU turnover has to do with people not liking the schedule or the call, although your call sounds great. Time will tell if you work in a place that sticks to the hours you were told or you end up "staying until it's done" or getting cut a lot. But if the schedule is good, then PACU is the best place to work, I love it. Let us know if you have any questions about the work.

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