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  1. JMurse89

    GCC/NAU Concurrent Program

    Congrats to all who got in!! I'm excited to meet everyone. Like kamsmom, I too applied for ASU (Summer Program) but wasn't accepted. I actually got accepted to the CEP before I even heard anything about ASU (They lost my application or something). I would have liked to finish my college career at ASU but Nursing school is nursing school. Good luck to everyone!! We'll let you know how our "guinea pig" class goes!
  2. JMurse89

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    Steve, I can understand and somewhat agree with what you are saying. EMS plays an important role in the outcome of the patient. Physicians and nurses rely on the pre-hospital assessment to prepare for their patients. A Trauma Code is very different than a finger amputation- Though they'll both likely be going to the OR, different specialists need to be called for each one. It is the pre-hospital report that prepares these resources. Even knowing the difference between a stable and unstable patient can make a world of difference at the hospital. Our Medical Director for my Volunteer Collegiate EMS squad is from Germany. She said Doctors rode on ambulances there so they can start treatment right away. Since we don't have this in the US, it is the paramedic or EMT that is responsible for not only getting the pt to the hospital but starting what can be life-saving interventions on them Just my 2c!!
  3. JMurse89

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    So I called the office and they resent my packet, but ---- told me over the phone that I didn't get in. I had a 5.464. Timestamp doesn't matter since this program pulls from the pool of applicants (Its like other programs where you actually have to apply and they decide whether or not you get in) but mine was 8/14/2009 at 8:03:52. The classes are a combo of colleges- Semester I- Fall 2011 -NUR151 at GCC -NUR307 at NAU's extended campus in Phoenix (all NAU classes are held here) Semester II- Spring 2012 -NUR171 at GCC -NUR321 at NAU Semester III- Summer 2012 -NUR390 -NUR320- both at NAU Semester IV- Fall 2012 -NUR251 at GCC -NUR420 at NAU Semester V- Spring 2013 -NUR271 and NUR 291- both at GCC -NUR424 at NAU *Graduate from Maricopa with an AAS, take and pass NCLEX-RN Semester VI- Fall 2013 -NUR427 -NUR450C -NUR408 all at NAU *Graduate with BSN from NAU* Hope that helps!!
  4. JMurse89

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    I didn't get a letter but from the looks of the forum, I didn't get in (crappy way of finding out, huh) Do they still send rejection letters?? I did get in to the GCC/NAU Pilot Program so I will be starting that in the Fall, but I would have really preferred ASU.
  5. JMurse89

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    This is gonna be the longest 90+ days of my (our) life (lives). My apartment lease is up in May so I need to know if I'm gonna be staying at ASU or going up to NAU. If I don't get in, I'd rather move to Flag and enjoy a cooler summer up there.
  6. JMurse89

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    Don't believe everything you hear online- I just called them- its not true. Mayo has 20 seats and Downtown has 80 seats... :w00t:
  7. JMurse89

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    I took my TEAS on Monday and turned in my app yesterday. Select GPA- 3.81, TEAS- 82.7 for a total of 5.464. I was definitely hoping for something a little higher on the TEAS, but I'm just not good with aptitude tests :/ So we'll see what happens!! Good luck and many Blessings to you all!!
  8. JMurse89

    Maricopa Nursing /NAU Partnership

    Has anyone gone to the info sessions about this yet?? I'm signed up to go tomorrow but don't know if I can get out of work to do it!! I will have all req's complete at the end of this semester (I just applied for ASU's summer program and will soon be applying to NAU's Fall program). This seems like a good option, I just need to know more about it!! Thanks, Jeremy
  9. JMurse89

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    Info given at the advancement workshop: -----------------------Cuttoff----------Avg GPA-------Avg TEAS score Summer 2010------5.447----------3.877----------N/A (They used the NET then) Fall 2010-------------5.569----------3.970----------86.9 Spring 2011---------5.597-----------3.977---------86.0 "Cutoff" refers to the lowest GPA advanced in that cohort. Summer 2011 will be a little different: They have 100 spots which is more than they've ever had. The advisors that ran the workshop said they've seen about 100 people so far, and this was at the second to last workshop. I'm hoping that, even if 125 people apply, I'd be smarter than 20% of applicants. My Select GPA is a 3.81, so I'd need an 82% on the TEAS to get a 5.45 Application GPA. Hope that helps!
  10. JMurse89

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    Hey all, I'm hoping to get in to summer 2011 as well. Haven't taken the TEAS yet. If I don't get into ASU in Summer, then I'm applying to NAU in the Fall. I just can't keep up with the new requirements or the competitive GPA anymore. Perhaps the biggest factor is the fact that NAU will give me credit for the 1.5yrs I worked in an ER/Trauma Center. I can't even tell you how many upper division students that come in for their ED clinicals and don't have a clue what's going on. Not to be cocky, but my experience has really given me a head start for nursing school. I can't tell you how much I've learned- procedures, lab tests and values, med names, doses, uses, Xray/CT, EKG interpretation(including cardiac arrhythmias and how they are treated), and most of all- hands on skills- IV/phlebotomy, Foley insertion, anything involving patient care I've pretty much done, seen, or heard of. I would much rather wait till Fall for a program that gives me credit for my experience. Plus they'll let me skip Pathology since I took PathoPhys Just my 2 cents. Good luck to everyone! Lets keep each other updated on this advancement! Jeremy
  11. JMurse89

    Fired partially due to ADHD

    I'm a pre-nursing student (should get in Jan 2011!!) and was a nursing assistant in an ED/Trauma Center (Level I) in downtown Phoenix and was fired late in July. I was dx with ADHD in 2002 when I was in 7th grade and it has been pretty well controlled with meds until a few months ago. I noticed my Strattera wasn't really working very well- I was scattered, couldn't spit out what I wanted to say and just generally inattentive and even hyperactive at some times. Well long story short, I had gotten in trouble before for "wandering around the department" (I'd offer to help in other areas besides my own if I wasn't busy) and some scope of practice stuff (I picked up shifts in the EKG department and did ER Tech "stuff" on codes, including putting a foley in, and offering to start an IV[i didn't know our IV skills were only good in the ED. I didn't even start the line since the MD dropped a Fem line]). One day I was working with this nurse that I didn't get along with (he didn't respect our advanced skills and never let techs start lines on his pt's or even do foleys for that matter). We were working in the procedure area where me and another RN were in charge of starting lines and doing urine and other Point of Care testing, while he was in charge of giving meds. He wouldn't allow me to start ANY lines that day because he refused to push meds through a tech's line. (I told the charge RN and he fixed that quickly which just made this nurse even more upset with me). So the next day we had a pt come through with symptomatic bradycardia. Somehow he ended up in our "clinic/urgent care" section (the non-acute area). The PA ordered an EKG which I did. It showed a 2nd degree A/V block. The MD said "okay, lets start a line, an iStat 8, and get him to a monitored bed". I went to get stuff for the IV. Came back and another nurse said to take him to Rm 20. I set the stuff on the bed and pushed him back. Hooked him up to the monitor and was waiting for the nurse (of course, its the one who I didn't get along with) to come out of another room so I could tell him about his new patient. While I was waiting, I decided to get the IV stuff ready in case this guy went downhill for some reason. I had all that ready and he still wasn't there. So I put a tourniquet on to start looking for veins- there's nothing wrong with just looking, right? Well he comes in and I asked if I could start it. Of course he says no, so I thought nothing of it and left. Later my manager and the charge nurse call me into the office. I thought "oh boy, here we go again...". Basically this nurse said I was in the process of starting the IV without his permission and I was fired over it. I guess I really didn't object or try to defend myself- I was in complete shock about how I was going to pay bills and thoughts were racing through my head. Now the day I got fired was my first day of switching from Strattera 80mg to Adderall XR 30mg (my idiot doc decided to start me at the max dose, saying we could always go down from there. BIG MISTAKE). I can't blame my disorder nor medication change on losing my job. Heck, if the nurse didn't come in, maybe I would have started the line. I don't know. I just couldn't believe what happened. That night, I was up literally until 4am looking for jobs- I couldn't sleep. I was having mood swings so severe that I was apologizing to my dog for keeping him up all night. I went into these deep depressions, couldn't eat and barely slept. I thought it was normal side effects from switching from a non-stim to a stim. After about a week of this, I went and got my dose lowered which seemed to fix the problem. Here's my issue (sorry this is so long): Ever since then, I've been questioning my future in healthcare. I guess I'm not sure that I'd be a good clinical nurse (Granted there are other areas to go into) with ADHD. I love healthcare but this whole being fired has really gotten to me and I'm just second guessing myself. I just needed to rant. Maybe some others have had similar experience with ADHD? Thanks so much for listening. God Bless, Jeremy
  12. JMurse89

    ER Tech interview

    Wow... this was a looong time ago!! I've been working in the ER for almost a year and a half now!! I was able to transfer there after working in food service for 6 mo's while having my EMT- took a step back to take a leap forward :) To everyone who is still trying- just be yourself, and never give up!! You will get in, eventually!! Good luck to all!! Jeremy
  13. JMurse89

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    Question: If you need to intubate, who usually does it? I hear medic sometimes and RN others...
  14. JMurse89

    Banner Nurse Fellows March 2010

    I didn't get in I have worked for Banner for 18 mo's now, a year of which is in the ER. I'm not sure why I didn't get in. I was able to answer most of the questions relatively quickly and with, what I thought, were pretty good answers. Did everyone else have a "panel" of --------- and that Tele nurse from Desert? I was really expecting more than 2 people on the panel. Hopefully I'll get in in October though. If not, then I'm thinking Paramedic school, then medic-RN bridge program? I'm not sure... Congrats to those who got in though. Jeremy
  15. JMurse89

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    Okay, so I've learned a lot since I started this thread. In order to be a flight RN, you'll generally need (as stated) 3-5 years of ER, ICU, and in some cases, Peds experience. Depending on the area/agency you work for Jeremy