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CO2emission has 30 years experience and specializes in ICU, Paeds ICU, Correctional, Education.

Probably a bit eccentric by most standards. A strong commitment to the environment and social justice. I don't eat dead animals of any kind.

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  1. How do you give out the pills?

    It depends on the level of security for each pod. They tend to hover about and the officers call them as we tell the officers. The methadone/suboxone parade is a bit different. They get in a line for that and when they have had their suboxone, they h...
  2. How do you give out the pills?

    Thanks for that. We sort of do that too in the pods but they are bagged up by the nurses first in zip lock bags with the patients names/ min numbers and cell numbers before they see the patients. I think this practice can lead to the patients gettin...
  3. How do you give out the pills?

    Hi Correctional nurses. I work in Australia and am just wondering how you give out your pills. Some of our patients are on a lot of pills, especially those who have Mental Health issues. All the nurses bag up the pills in the dispensary in zip lock b...
  4. National Registration

    Hi, The 20 hours is professional development not necessarily education and training...easy peasy. It could be an article that you read. It could be a discussion with someone else when you learned something. It could be tertiary studies. It just has t...
  5. Practice Development in Correctional Nursing

    Hi.....thank you for your interest. It's a massive movement and Google will provide a wealth of information. Some concept information can be found here We have received funding to roll out a...
  6. Hi, I work in the correctional health care system in Australia. A recent work place culture survey revealed systemic problems. Based on some work which had been done in another nursing setting and was quite successful, it was decided to embark on a t...
  7. You Got to Know When to Hold 'Em your eloquent writing and story telling. At the end of the day from a mangement perspective, we are all just numbers and it is wrong for those in management to keep pushing us. Management creates these problems and then makes them our prob...
  8. Early recognition of the deteriorating patient

    Thank you for the ACT link. I have checked it out.This is fantastic. Many many thanks
  9. I'm not sure active/passive is about different learning's more about teaching styles. Learning should be student-centred not teacher-centred. And does it have to be one or/vs the other? Can you not have both? As for simulated learning... ...
  10. I know there is no turning back but I've been around long enough to remember the Nightingale wards. The desk was in the middle and you could see all your patients. When patients were put into private rooms or bays, they could no longer be seen or hea...
  11. What it is to learn?

    Hey folks, Sorry about these very broad and fundamental education questions but I am interested in what others think, not necessarily within theoretical frameworks. 1.What does learning mean to you? 2.How does learning happen? 3.How do you know that ...
  12. fluid and electrolytes

    Hi, My advice is you will get confused if you use this forum to build your knowledge because everyone has their own understanding and although people mean well, there needs to be some authenticity, references and peer consensus so you don't head off ...
  13. Mind/Concept map for CHF/CCF patient

    Hi cardiac nurses...does anyone know of a resource/site with a mind/concept map of a patient with cardiac failure?.. Many thanks:redbeathe
  14. Sooooo done with the verbal abuse!

    Where was the support/counselling etc from the workplace and the union while this was going on for this poor man? Who provided him with legal assistance? Is the workplace now providing him with help or is it just you guys?
  15. Pain is subjective?

    Pain is a biological characteristic that enables us to keep away from danger. Without it, we may hurt ourselves so seriously without knowing it that we risk death. This tells us that pain is in fact an objective experience. There are many different t...