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  1. hi terdjay! you missed which deadline? Curtin Uni? where are you planning to do your bridging then? :)
  2. hi carla, im residing here in WA and frankly, there are times i want to move to other states because i know it can be quite competitive when looking for a job here. But then again, just like what my Clinical Manager always say, "its much harder in other states than here..."
  3. @carla BTW, how's it going with your application at UQ? please keep me posted. thanks! :)
  4. Hi Carla, thanks for the response. it was actually a visitor message so you can freely post a visitor message on my page as well anyway thanks for getting back at me. ive already received my letter from Curtin but they told me since ive got no post registration experience i would need to register for the Feb 2011 intake (i dunno what's the difference of taking it this intake and next year) and i can't wait any longer because ill be looking at 2012 registration if i enrol in Curtin by 2011 and take it for 1yr. way tooooooo long already, so now im thinking of just enrolling to VCHN or the UQ one...still confused which one to take...hayyy....:down:
  5. hi shinggay and jesse_gurl, do you guys both have experience prior to application to VCHN?
  6. hi Carla, after seeking some sound advice from friends and colleagues (who are also doing the conversion), i've decided to take the longer but more stable route, Conversion program that is. work experience is a big deciding factor for me because i dont have any post grad experience, I was thinking if i do the BP instead of the conversion, i might get easily intimidated or go thru a rough time trying to catch up knowing that most of the students are well-experienced nurses already. also, the conversion program is comparable to tertiary education (they said they originally chuck the 2 1/2 yrs off the program since we are RNs already making it just a 1yr course but its considered as an undergrad BSN course) so its a great advantage esp when looking for an employer knowing that you graduated from a well established uni here in Au. i think since i don't have anything to boast for, a qualification from Curtin can give me an edge,somehow. also, a friend who's doing her clinicals in one of the hospitals in WA said that most of the nurses in that particular hospital are Uni graduates, mostly coming from Murdoch and Curtin so she convinced me to do the conversion instead. i also heard inside the campus they conduct job fairs of some sort so it does help. I know it will take a while, but these days time flies soooo fast you barely know its 1yr already. :)
  7. jaybadette, the conversion program is a 1yr program technically just the same as BP and is offered in universities, all of which can lead you to registration as a Div 1 nurse. from what is said to me, they are comparable to tertiary education so it can be an advantage esp when looking for an employer or when you want to further your studies. curtin doesn't require post-grad experience, just the letter from then-NMBWA (i dunno what they're called now since the natl rego just commenced). ielts score im not sure cos i just gave them the same IELTS TRF that i gave to NMBWA for assessment which has at least 7 bandscore in each category btw the fee is quite expensive when you intend to do the conversion, as of 2010 curtin's fee is $23,000. gladly i am a resident (commonwealth supported) so my fee is subsidized making it just around $5k +. Cheers!
  8. Hi Kiwifruit! how's it going with your BP at VCHN? im currently staying in Perth and few weeks ago i sent my application for enrollment at Curtin as i am planning to do the Conversion program there. now im starting to contemplate whether to still pursue the program or not because of the length of study involved (although it's really much cheaper if i do the conversion since i am only required to pay 5k for the whole year as compared to 10k/3mos at VCHN. but i really find the conversion too long). i just want to know if the BP at VCHN is hard and very competitive? i heard some rumours that since it is a BP running for only 3mos with most of the students having many years of experience, the program can be a real challenge specially for those who have lesser/no experience? Otherwise, if it isnt as dreadful as i heard it is, i might withdraw my enrollment at Curtin and opt for VCHN. thanks a lot! :):):)
  9. Hi anybody here who'll be taking their Conversion Program in Curtin Uni this coming August? Kindly let me know. Would be happy to meet fellow filos here. thanks! :)
  10. Hi anyone here who's currently doing their BP at vchn? Pls PM me i just really need to ask some things... Thanks a lot!
  11. hotpotato101

    Any Queensland Nurses here?

    anyone here who'll be taking the test A this January?
  12. sis i think it's something like, because of the new registration process that will commence in July 2010, QNC no longer accepts application for registration starting Nov. because i think if an applicant applies later than Nov, doing the bridging program wont be doable anymore. you're trying this pathway?
  13. lol. i miiiisssssssed you!! active again ei?! keep me posted :redbeathe
  14. hi terranova! just want to ask, when will you be having your CAS? mine will be this January. I feel so anxious already
  15. Hi, anyone here who's already doing the QNC Challenge Test?
  16. eiya guys, how's your preparation for test A? anyone who took the test recently?

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