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NurseAngelina11 has 5 years experience and specializes in High-risk OB, Labor & Delivery.

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  1. Please critique my Motivational Statement- Navy Nurse Corps

    Thank you for the feedback. Deployments are actually one of the reasons why I chose the Navy over the Air Force (which was my runner-up). The Navy seems to deploy more than AF, which is what I was looking for. I will see if I can mention that in ...
  2. L&D RN: Air Force or Navy Reserve?

    This is great information, thanks for the insight. I'm glad I have a some experience in most of those areas of nursing to mentally prepare me for deploying and having to adapt to another specialty. I will have to train and prepare to be able to do...
  3. L&D RN: Air Force or Navy Reserve?

    Thank you for your input, Demo, BSN! I decided to pursue the Navy Nurse Corps.
  4. Hi All, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on my Motivational Statement for the Navy Nurse Corps. My recruiter told me to that this statement should be 250 words, but this is 330 words and I am finding even longer example statements onli...
  5. L&D RN: Air Force or Navy Reserve?

    Hi All, I’m an L&D RN with 13 years of experience and am currently interested in pursing the Navy or Air Force as a Reservist and trying to decide between these two branches of the military. I have a few questions: (1) Air Force: Gi...
  6. Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    I work directly with suspected covid patients at my hospital and I live and work at the epicenter of the covid outbreak in the Bay Area. I have the opposite problem, and actually had to turn down my dates, because I know I am a risk and I do it to p...
  7. Is this a "Performance Improvement Plan" or are they just trying to fire me??

    Hi NerdyNurseMe, The outcome was very good for me. I followed some of the advice in this thread and it worked. I asked for help from my union and felt supported and guided by them. Here's what I did: I enhanced the management's vague PIP so that...
  8. Hi All, I was very excited to start L&D travel nursing at the beginning of the year. This has been my dream to do what I'm doing right now and I'm grateful for the experiences and opportunities I've had as a travel RN for the last 7 months. No...
  9. Simple mask or NRBM?

    Hi Everyone! I've been to 3 different hospitals now as an L&D travel nurse and it's been interesting to see how different hospitals manage care. At my current hospital we use simple face masks instead of non-rebreather face masks for FHR decele...
  10. Is 28 too old to become a travel nurse?

    You're wise to take into account your childbearing years and desire to settle down and get married as you contemplate travel nursing. I am a 33 year old Labor and Delivery travel nurse and I have never been married and I have no children and I would...
  11. All dressed up, nowhere to go!

    I'm having the same experience as a first-time traveler. I have 7 years of experience, all my certifications, etc., but I know that I am competing with RNs with many years of travel experience. One thing that I have done that has gotten me 2 interv...
  12. Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing

    I'm not at a teaching facility. We do cervical exams, place FSEs, IUPCs, Magnesium drips, Insulin drips, high-risk OB, etc. Since our OR and L&D are very busy all the time we have specialized OR and L&D staff for each area. Thanks for your ...
  13. Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing

    After 7 years in nursing and 2 years in L&D, I have finally decided to pursue travel nursing in L&D. I have my ACLS, RNC-OB, BLS, NRP, and have taken AWHONN's Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring class. My hospital delivers over 9000 babies per ...
  14. How do you feel about having other nurses as patients?

    Great topic! Yes, as I new grad I would feel anxious caring for nurses as patients. As an experience RN, I actually enjoy caring for fellow RNs! Since we both "speak the same language" I connect with them and find them great to work with in collabor...
  15. Is this a "Performance Improvement Plan" or are they just trying to fire me??

    Klone, I have 4 years of inpatient high-risk antepartum experience.