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apple84 has 4 years experience and specializes in peds hem/onc/research/cpon.

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  1. hi there, I am renewing my NY license for the first time and need to take the infection control course work. can anyone advise on what online course they took? the NY renewal website is not helpful! thanks so much!
  2. apple84

    Who carries the best PETITE sized Scrubs?

    wonder wink
  3. apple84

    Best way to study for OCN exam?

    ons core curriculum.. they also have a book of questions and answers with rationale. also can get practice questions from the oncc website for a fee
  4. im interested in this question too!
  5. apple84

    Any nurses who work for NIH?

    traffic in this area is pretty bad..most people work work at nih use the metro as parking is pretty limited and fulls up fast in the morning. usajobs.gov is the best way to apply
  6. any work at georgetown university on the pediatric hem/onc floor? how do you like it? what is the pt/rn ratio?
  7. apple84

    New Grad Starting on an Oncology Floor

    my best advice would be if you are administering chemo to always wear your ppe.. and don't be to hard on yourself! i started as a new grad into peds onc took me about 9 months to really be comfortable in my role. good luck !!!!
  8. apple84

    mount sinai manhattan peds

    hi - anyone work at mount sinai in manhattan in the peds or peds oncology depts? also on their job postings can someone explain the role of nursing clinical speciality coordinator non-np? any thoughts on the hospital are appreciated. thank you
  9. apple84

    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

    hey all... i work in peds hem/onc/research and looking to make a move. did you apply online to sloan? how long did the interview process take/for hr to contact you? they don't have many openings online. thanks for your help ! :)
  10. apple84


    hi everyone, i am taking my CPON exam next month. has anyone taken it lately? any advice and suggestions!! thank you!
  11. apple84

    Any nurses who work for NIH?

    i work at nih... i am a new graduate. its definitely a different kind of hospital...its all about research. we do have 12hr shifts, but full time is 40hrs/wk. benefits are really great!
  12. apple84

    Nursing Schools in MD/DC area

    i am a recent catholic u grad..pm me if you have any questions!
  13. apple84

    rn license by examination

    I am a new grad trying to obtain an application to take the nclex. i have tried emailing and calling the mbon several times with no answer! any tips?
  14. apple84


    The ANA website and NCBSN website have tons of information about delegation ... just search for delegation on their website. https://www.ncsbn.org/Joint_statement.pdf
  15. I am nursing student doing a paper/presentation on the important of political activity and new issues and trends important to nurses. Anyone with ideas, journal articles, or links to other resources would be very much appreciated!
  16. apple84

    help in maternity

    i would suggest using a nclex book and reading the chapter on maternity. i used my nclex book to study for my maternity exams and did the practice questions..it really helped me focus on whats most important

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