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  1. jmet1020

    Jobs in Colorado Springs

    Thanks so much for responding to my post.:wink2: I interviewed a few weeks ago at Memorial and I totally agree with you that everyone was very friendly. I am currently in the process of moving to Colorado Springs and although I have to return for a follow-up interview, I expect to be starting there real soon. How has orientation been? How difficult was the PBDS assessment? I was told by HR that the first week is mainly administrative work, learning how to use the computer (for medication purposes) and getting a physical. Has this been your experience? I hope all is going well with you. Good luck!
  2. jmet1020

    NYU nursing

    Just want to add my input as well. Please keep in mind that NYU is VERY VERY expensive. Assuming you don't qualify or apply to any outside scholarhips, you will have a lot of debt when graduating from school. NYU gives a very minimal grant to nursing students...and that's even if you qualify. But, it doesn't make a dent in the tuition bill. I'm currently in the 15 month accelerated program. Although I'm happy that I'm getting my degree quickly, I have many frustrations and disappointments with the program. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't go. In the end, you are paying for a name, not a quality education. They take on way more students than they can accomodate. Good Luck with everything
  3. jmet1020

    about nursing program in new york city??

    Here are a few associate programs located in NYC and the other boroughs: college of staten island- Staten island, ny Kingsborough community college- broooklyn, ny touro- bklyn, ny Hunter college- in NYC but it maybe BSN. BMCC- in NYC Hope this helps.
  4. jmet1020

    Army Loan Repayment! Is It Really 100%

    Hi Spawnupe- I asked a similar question a few weeks ago. Here is the link: https://allnurses.com/forums/f57/army-nurse-loan-repayment-plan-272204.html The last few posts maybe of help to you. I do know that for active duty they will pay around $38k per year for a three year committment. Keep in mind that they do not pay the interest on the loan. And, from what I understand, that money is taxed as income. Other than that, I don't know much else about this. Good Luck!
  5. jmet1020

    Denver VA info?

    Hi Semisweetchick , I'm happy to see your post as I am currently considering relocating to Denver. I will be graduating this May. I too would like to know more about working for the VA in this area. I've been so busy with school that I haven't had the chance to contact the nurse recruiter yet. Plus, being in a different time zone doesn't help. If you've found out any information, I would very much appreciate if you could add to this post or send me a PM. Thanks so much!!!, J
  6. jmet1020

    Army Nurse- Loan Repayment Plan

    Thanks for the response Scout. Were you also informed that they do not pay the interest on the loans? Do you have any idea how that would work out? Thanks-J
  7. jmet1020

    Army Nurse- Loan Repayment Plan

    Chloe, Sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds awfully stressful, but keep in mind that things will get better. Maybe you can look into some staffing agencies. Also, try calling an army health care recruiter. Joining the service (any branch) may give you the opportunity to possibly relocate and help relieve your financial difficulties. It can't hurt to inquire. There are more options out there for you than you realize. Best of Luck!!- J
  8. jmet1020

    Army Nurse- Loan Repayment Plan

    I am 30 and an from NYC. I decided to switch careers and so I returned to nursing school. Did you just graduate recently or have you been working for a few years? Have you been looking into becoming a military nurse? Thanks- J
  9. jmet1020

    Army Nurse- Loan Repayment Plan

    Hi Folks, I will be graduating this coming May with my BSN and am considering signing up to become an army nurse. I'm considering opting for the student loan repayment program, not the sign-on bonus, because I attend a private school and have a tremendous amount of student loans. I know that I would sign up for three years and the student loan repayment money would be divided up among those three years. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this simply because I would like to know how much I should expect to be taxed on this money?? Is it considered income? It is considered to be bonus money, in which case it maybe subject to a higher tax rate? I'm excited to join, but I also need to plan ahead to figure out how to prepare myself financially. I've tried asking the army health care recruiter and searching online but I can't find this information anywhere. So I'd appreciate any information that anyone may have. Happy new yr! Thanks-JA