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    Where in California is Best!

    I've lived in CA since birth and have a lot of family here so based on my experience I would tell u to move to Central CA. The COL there is not high and you still have the oppurtunity to commute to work. Commuting in the bay area by car is HORRIBLE (EXTREME TRAFFIC!). Central CA has good schools, neat and tidy living environments, fresh air, a prime location that can take you to the snow or SO. CAL within 2 or 8 hours respectively. I'm not an RN yet, but when I graduate I would move to Elk Grove, CA. Its a developing city that is booming into becoming the next "all american city." p.s. I'm not a real estate agent.. i promise :chuckle lol o yah... the weather in CA is not as great as before.. in the summer it tends to get any where from 85-100 degrees in Central CA and in the winter the temp. can drop to 28 degrees.. but with that u can get snow in tahoe and a nice beach day only hours away.