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Hi everyone..:roll

This is my first post but I'm really excited because it looks like everyone is sooo friendly and supportive! :monkeydance:

Well.. I'm a pre-nursing student in the Bay Area and I'm applying for Fall 07. I haven't even submitted all of my applications yet but I'm so anxious. I don't know if I can hold on.. =(

Basically I have a 3.59 GPA, repeated one science course (terrible.. i know!), and received an 85 on the TEAS (w/o studying) but plan on taking it again this month.

I'm applying to a four CSU's.

Does anyone know what the stats were for CSU Fresno, Sac, Stan, and/or Chico last year?

My family and boy friend seem to be getting tired of listening to me say ' i wonder if i'll get in...will i... i dont know...' :cry:

I feel like i'll go crazy before I can read my acceptance letter (hopefully acceptance letter!) :banghead:

Will someone please bring sanity back into my life! O wait.. the only people who can are on the admission committee!!!!!!! ahhhh :lol2:

p.s. I really like the smilies!


Specializes in critical care, PACU.

I like the smilies too.

Some of the CSU websites give statistics for their programs. For example CSULB does. However I do not know for the ones you have listed. I am originally from the East Bay and my momma is a nurse there. You're lucky to be living in an area where nurses get such great compensation.

Good luck with everything and welcome.

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