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  1. lynnmarie62

    Need advice please

    Should I take the pharmacology course again or could I use the NCLEX review book or a pharmacology review book. I was told that the pharmacology course is full.
  2. lynnmarie62

    Need advice please

    I plan to start the RN program at my Community College this Sept. I took A&P1 with a grade of B in fall of 2002 and A&P2 with a grade of B+ fall of 2003. My college told me that both these courses are within 5 years so I won't need to take them over. I am wondering if I should take either of them over just to review because I'm not sure how much I remember. Do they go over it in nursing classes? I want to do well and I'm worried about whether I remember a lot ot it. Also, I took Clinical Pharmacology in 1997 and got an A-, should I take this course over or will they review a lot in nursing class. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. lynnmarie62


    Thanks everyone for all your support! I feel more hopeful now. I am going to call the college tomorrow and see where I am on the wait list. I'm just not sure if they will give me that information. Wish me luck!
  4. lynnmarie62


    I applied to a LPN program and I got a letter on Friday. I was put on a wait list. Has anyone else been waitlisted and got into the program? It seems like I have been waiting for the letter forever, and I am so discouraged. Thanks for listening.
  5. lynnmarie62

    Do you ever question yourself if you can/want to do this?

    I was in the RN program 2 years ago. I had thought that I wanted to be a nurse. I wasn't happy in the program, I felt like I had made a mistake. I am now in the social work program and loving it. I am a Certified Medical Assistant as well. My plans are to be a medical social work and work in a hospital or in hospice. Have you ever thought about pursuing social work. While I was reading your post, I wondered if maybe social work would interest you based on what you posted. Good luck on whaterver you decide.