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  1. csojet

    Accepted to Wolford college

    Congratulations, Keep your head up. As someone who is in her first semester of a NAP, my best advice to you is to stay ahead of the readings and learn as you go. You are going to be bombarded with a load of info but the fact that you got in shows that the admissions commitee believes you can handle the challenge.
  2. csojet

    GPA questions

    Hi, just to let you know. I was in the same situation just a few years ago. I was a straight A student in highchool but due to personal difficulty, received a few bad grades. When I repeated these classes I got all A's. I realized that my future was more important and made the necessary changes in my life. I got into 2 anesthesia schools. Keep your head up. You may get asked why your grades were so low for a time during your interview. Be honest. Point out that your more recent grades show your true academic ability. My cumulative GPA was a 3.3, science GPA 3.5, 1260 on the GRE. P.S. to offset a low GPA a student should score higher on the GRE
  3. Yes, it is possible to be accepted with 1 year of experience but I believe you will have better luck if in this predicament at a larger program. The smaller programs tend to prefer people with 2-3 years, also CRNA admissions committees tend to favor experience in an ICU at a large teaching facility. In my program I have yet to meet a person with one year of experience, but at another nearby school there are students with only 1 year of experience and not at the time of interview, but by the time they enter the program. Hope this helps.
  4. csojet

    UNF Florida New CRNA program - Interview

    Hi, I have been accepted to the FIU CRNA program starting this fall. I interviewed in February and did here the interim directory mention the program at UNF. So for all of you wondering what the interview process will probably be like here goes: At FIU it was a panel, about 7-9 people in total, it was pretty intimidating. They do ask clinical questions based on an applicants personal experience in ICU. They also ask personal questions on how you have prepared financially and otherwise to undertake the immense challenge of studying anesthesia. Some panelists had tougher questions than others. I think what is most important is to remain calm, answer the questions to the best of your ability and show that you are capable of handling stress. Good luck to you all!
  5. csojet

    Maintaining a long distance relationship

    thanks suzanne, the program does incorporate one day of clinical starting the first semester. After the first year it is all clinicals and one day of seminar. You may be right in that we will be able to concentrate on school more. As it is he really has very little free time. He does get his summers off though. I will be in school year round. Thanks for the input. Where there is a will there is a way.
  6. Hi all. I was recently accepted to nurse anesthesia school. I am also involved in a long distance relationship. I met this person on New Year's Eve and he happens to be in law school in California. I live in Miami and will be starting a CRNA program there this august. My question is, will I be able to maintain this relationship. We are both in love ( it happened pretty fast) and have been able to see each other once a month since meeting. Will this still be feasible once I start my CRNA program? People at work keep telling me to forget about my boyfriend but I'm in love and haven't been for 10 years. He loves me very much and is planning on moving here when he finishes law school. He even pondered transferring to law school out here but he's going to law school for free there and would have to pay tuition here. I hear the last year are basically clinicals. Wouldn't we be able to see each other on weekends, holidays, spring break, christmas break, etc... Please help!:uhoh21:
  7. csojet

    Chance of admission

  8. csojet

    Negotiating a Contract

    Hello to all. I am in the midst of starting to negotiate a contract with an anesthesia group. I am looking for 50,000 in funds. I'm just wondering if any of you out there have gotten this much before graduating and what were the terms. I will be attending a private university which is quite costly but I am an alumni from this school and really feel its the best place for me to learn. I will be taking out loans for the tuition. The 50,000 is for living expenses. How much should I ask for as a starting salary? (I am in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale) How many years should I work for them in return for this money. Also, I hear that if I find another anesthesia group with a better offer they can buy out the contract but read on a previous thread that I should stipulate no interest on repayment. Any other tidbits of information would be most helpful. crnacsum
  9. csojet

    Future of CRNAs

    what are opt-out states? What is thoughtbidge? I will be starting nurse anesthesia school this fall and would like to learn as much as possible. I plan to definitely be a voice for the profession and have been on this board for quite a while. I find it very informative and hope you can open my eyes to some of these issues.
  10. csojet

    Should I Move in With Parents???

    I again am torn on what I should do. This is turning out to be quite a difficult decision. I really like living here. Would find it extremely difficult to sell. I do appreciate all this info. It has been quite helpful. I do have until August to figure something out. I'll fill you guys in on what I decide and how things actually turn out.
  11. csojet

    Should I Move in With Parents???

    I understand your point but let me give you some info on this place. It's a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, 1800 sqaure feet, carport, garage, backyard, gated commnunity. I bought it for 216,000. the development is not finished and the new townhomes of my exact same model are going for a little over 300,000. I highly doubt my house would loose value I mean for instance, does real estate in new york or LA loose value. My home is in Miami, 30 mins from south beach in a brand new gated community. Correct me if I'm wrong. You seem to know a lot about real estate and the market.
  12. csojet

    Should I Move in With Parents???

    Thanks for the help guys. I have to say that when I joined this forum I found it immensely helpful. I appreciate all the input from everyone. I think I'm going to rent the house and move in with my parents. I won't sell because the cost of this home as appreciated 30% in just one year and who knows what it will be worth when I'm done with grad school or even farther in the future. I am lucky enough to have great parents. They are extremely supportive and I would not have to worry about rent, utilities and food. I thank God and count my blessings everyday. I don't know how some of you do it, school, work, children... I will only have to worry about myself and school when I return. Thanks again and I wish you all much success in your careers as CRNA's!
  13. csojet

    Should I Move in With Parents???

    Hi, I was lucky enough to buy my own place while I worked as a nurse. I will be returning for anesthesia school this fall. I need your expert advice. Should I move in with my parents or just get 2 rommates? My mortgage is $1570 per month plus utilities. I could completely rent out my house and probably get 1500.00. There is also 132.00 Maintenence fee. If I get roommates I can ask for $450.00 each plus sharing utilities. That would leave me with $670.00 plus 1/3 utilities per month. I also have a car payment $390.00, insurance 200.00 and other expenses. If I moved in with my parents I would have to pay for storage space for my furniture ( or I could sell it). My parents do live closer to the university and clinical sites, I am currently 30 mins away. I am hoping to possibly work out a contract with a local anesthesia group. Tuition will be 52,000. I will also need money for living expenses. I have about 10,000 in the bank right now and will be doubling that by the time school starts. Any advice from past or present students would be greatly appreciated. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and really want to do the right thing.
  14. csojet

    What was your chemistry base when accepted?

    After having researched many schools and their requirements as well as asking current students I think each school is different in what it expects in this aspect. Some schools want biochemistry or orgo, others don't. After having spoken to some CRNA's amd SRNA's what you need to know will be taught to you while in the program. If your current grades in chemistry are not that great then maybe you might want to retake these courses in order to show you can do better. I myself have taken chemistry I and II. That's it. This didn't seem to be a problem where I applied since they don't require anything higher than this.
  15. csojet

    Kaplan - Online GRE prep course

    Hi, I took a GRE prep course at a community college. Also I completed the entire Kaplan workbook (it was also used in the course) and the CD rom which I found most helpful. I made my own flash cards with vocab, math laws and formulas. I also studied when I had the time so it fit into my schedule. Scored a 1260 on the GRE. I think paying large sums of money for stuff you can do on your own is a waste of money.
  16. csojet

    Attention Barry Students!!!!!!!

    I graduated from University of Miami Nursing School May 2002. I work on a CCU. Just signed up for organic chemistry with lab. Do any of you know which of the two is harder biochemistry or organic chemistry? Anyway, I will be applying to Barry in the spring of 2004. I shadowed a CRNA at my hospital who went to Barry and she says it was a good but tough program. She graduated from their first ever nurse anesthesia class.