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  1. Hi everyone! Im currently doing the LPN to RN program and we have this presentation due regarding on client teaching.I picked a Diabetic patient and we have to give a sample scenario along with the care plan involved.Right now I'm so lost because its been awhile since I attend school again. Any suggestions will be much appreciated! thanks!=)
  2. mcg1929

    lpn to rn program at hohokus ramsey!

    i called them and they are sending applications already....but how come they dont have any info about their curriculum? somebody told me day program starts Jnuary 2010 but they're not giving any info yet... so confused..;(
  3. hi there! yeah the one in Suffern NY.... Im in Jersey right now but we're about 20mn away from Suffern...i just want info about RCC before i register....thanks..anyone else from NY??
  4. hi...im planning to go to RCC,,any advice??? thanks
  5. anyone went to Rockland Community College for LPN to Rn program? Just wondering how is like ? thanks....
  6. mcg1929

    i need your opinion

    so,,im a new LPN,,,been working in a nursing home for like 4 mos now,,,and somebody called me today from outcomes company...its a partime job 8am-12pm...its not a bad schedule i guess since my other job is 3-11 shift,,i was just thinking if anyone heard about this company? they said all i have to do is go to doctor's offices and scan charts through the computer...about the pay,,its $4 per chart they said,,,and most likely you can do 50 charts the minimum,,,i dont know if that is true....i just dont want to jump into something that i never heard of it before,,,any feedbacks ? what do you think?
  7. mcg1929

    anyone works in clinic setting?

    whoah**sounds like its the perfect job for me?! is it stressful though? i wonder if they have anything like that in NJ....i dont know where to apply...right now im so exhausted working in 2 jobs in long term care,and work weekends and holidays! how i wish i can do what youre doing..thanks !!!!
  8. mcg1929

    anyone works in clinic setting?

    hi ! just wondering how is it like working in a doctors clinic? outpatient clinic? community center? what are the ups and downside of it? im curretly working in ltc in NJ, but just a thought of having a partime in a doctors clinic....all answers are very much appreciated!
  9. mcg1929

    i dont want to be a nurse anymore....

    thanks for the reply!!! vanilmil",,,,i thought im the only who feels this way,,,i just hate the feeling seriously,,,actually right now, i worked two jobs my first job was in a subacute which im a perdiem now,,,i was quitting before bec of the disorganization of the place but the don told me why not give it a shot in long term which they have in the second floor...so i agreed and its going well i guess,,,,my other full time is crazy as hell! im just not so comfortable being a float especially knowing that some people are not helpful at all! i tried not to ask questions that much ,,but what can i do? im new and i dont want to make mistakes and harm my patients! and one more thing gossiping is soooo much! almost evryone who works there have to say something behind their backs! i dont know,,i just do my job and leave,,i dont care if they say im not that friendly or whatever....sigh****im depressed and feeling so low everytime i go to work,,,i tried applying clinic maybe its less stressful but im not sure,,,evry night i pray ,,,that hopefully time will come that i wont feel this kind of feeling of being new! NURSING is not what i thought in real world...im physically and emotionally drained...cant even sleep good at night thinking did i do this right? did i forget to do that? and so on,,,all this things you know,,,even have nightmares! :uhoh3: to all nurses out there,,,,godbess you all! goodluck to all the new ones!
  10. hi everyone again....ive been posting usually in lvn forum,,but let me vent here,,,ive been a lvn for almost 2 months now in a ltc and it seems like im not liking it at all! is this normal? i know they keep saying it will get better but im not sure it will....i work 3-11 shift and all i do is pass meds,,i dont get to know my patients bec, they keep switching me from 4 units,,,,1 day the other, then one day to a different unit,,,im so overwhelmed,,they told me if i want i can talk to the DON about it,,but im just thinking how come the other nurses didnt say anything when they were new? i know they used to be all over every unit too...so im guessing it takes time,,i dont know,,evrytime i go to work,i dont have the energy and im always nervous,,,i just hate the feeling of being new! up to now,i havent done a foley or straight cath....i had an opportunity before but when i asked for help with my supervisor,,she gave me this attitude telling me tht im supposed to know all this things!:angryfire im feeling helpless and incompetent as a nurse,,,going to school is totally different in real life as a nurse,,,i dont know,,,i might switch with something else...
  11. mcg1929

    when is it gonna get better?....

    hi evryone! im a new LPN for like 2 months now,,,i work two jobs both part time, one is perdiem ,,why is it everytime i go to work i feel nervous , my hands started to sweat and i just cant stay still,,,right now i dont even know if nursing is really for me,,,i dont know im confused...
  12. mcg1929


    dont you worry,,you're not alone,,,i myself had a hard time when i first started a month ago,,,i worked in a subacute rehab place and had 20 pts,,it took me the whole night to do my med pass too! and these nurses that supposed to shadow with me were out of nowhere! my orientation was terrible because the nurse tht suppose to teach me just got off from orientation too! i just dont get it....everytime i ask a question they keep passing it to one another,,because most of the nurses were new too,,,then my other job keeps switchin me from one place to another....i guess it takes time to manage your time and knowing the residents....you'll do fine! cheer up!
  13. mcg1929

    what should i do?

    yeah ...i guess that ratio is reasonable,,,i just cant believe why some people had 2-3 days of orientation? how did you guys survive? heads up to you! but im just wondering,,is it ok to have all lpns on one unit without any rn's standing by? when someone called out that saturday,,the staff coordinator tried to call my other co workers,,but nobody wants to come,,,who wants to work on weekends? =P ,,, about the other place...i have to find out tomorrow,,,i will keep you updated,
  14. mcg1929

    what should i do?

    ive been an orientee for like 3 weeks now and m not happy at all at work...at first i liked it but weeks passed,,i started to hate it.....i was in tears 3 days ago and left too late on my shift 3-11...1nurse called out and so theres only 3nurses on the floor,,50 pts,,i got report from the morning nurse,and as soon as i was going to start my meds,,they told me to take 10more pts which i never had before,,it was already 8pm and i wasnt aware that those pts never got their 5pm meds,,(talking about accuchecks,insulin treatment)i know the ration is not too bad for a subacute facility but for a newbee 16pts was a lot for me,,,they left me bymyself without any endorsement from the morning nurse,,,one pt was not stable at all and was in respiratory distress,,good thing one nurse helped out....one nurse there told me to help me with my meds which she told me she did,,,and she wanted me just to sign the MAR,,,im like how am i supposed to do that? i didnt even know if she gave the meds for real???they even gave me 2 g tubes pts which i never did before...arrrgghhh,,i just wanna passed out tht night....i dont know how i did it,,,the 11-7 nurse was kinda upset bec i didnt reaally gave her a good endorsement,,,today ,i talked to my don,,and i just want to quit,,she didnt even ask me what happened...instead she wanted me to stay and give it a try in long term unit,,,coz i told her subacute is too crazy for me,,,i dunno ,,im confused ,,,,ilove the job ,,but my cowokers wasnt reaaly helpful and i didnt get the proper training...tomorrow the other place wants to hire me ,,its a long term faciity,and they want to do the paper work already,,should i stay or not? i unno,,im stressing already,,,sorry its too long,,,,,
  15. mcg1929

    im just sick of it!

    thats great for you!!!! congratuations! (pagandeva)maybe you're right ,,,my lack of experience and being a new graduate makes me afraid.....i guess i have to face it!!! welcome to the real world! but last night i feel like crying...my preceptor didnt come to work and so i was on my own,,they threw 2 admissions on me ,,,and i got so nervous but i ws trying to calm myself down! i was done with my med pass for the first time!and put my admission pt last,,and when i ask the other nurse to come help me,,,she gave me this attitude and she didnt help me,,no one else want to stay and help me out,,,but i managed,,i just dont know how,,,but thanks evryone for ur comments!!!!i know 13 pts is not a lot but working in a place who are totally disorganized is crazy and nerve wracking......i guess it takes time,,,,,
  16. mcg1929

    im just sick of it!

    ive been in my job for 3 weeks now and still an orientee in an subacute facility..i dont know if i shoud quit or not or start looking for a job because everyone tells me that evrywhere i go is the same thing,,,heres whats happening evryday...first week of my orientation: my shift by the way is 3-11p...i get there at 3p and was just standing there for like an hour waiting whose going to train me,,,i can see them making the schedule until 4pm! which is crazy bec. we only have 48 pts so far..4 nurses in the floor and arguing which side they want to take...by the time you get endorsement with the morning nurse its already 4:30! pts already at the dining room and im already late with my 5pm meds!also, the way they divide pts is totally crazy! why ? because i have a pt which meds were not in my cart and i have to go at the other cart to get their meds! the other nurse does the same thing! im in the middle of med pass and 2 nurses are waiting for me to take a look at my MAR telling me that their pts were in my cart!its just so unorganized! how can you work like that? eventhough we only get 13 pts each nurse we dont get to finish passing meds bec, in case we havean admission we have to do it too! paperworks were endless coz we have to chart each pts evry two hours!also,they let us do iv's too like flushing which in my state(NJ) we are not allowed to do unless you're an iv certified...but they let us do it,,,one evening ive noticed that all 4 lpn were working and just barely got out from orientation taking orientees like me without any RN or supervisor standing by...what if theres a code or something???? :angryfire:madface:....idont know what to do anymore,,,i feel like its too much for me,,since i just got out from school and have no experience at all!!!! they told me next week im bymyself! i was speechless,,,and im not really comfortable at all! im sooo confused....