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    Study Tips for Nursing

    Thank you all for the tips!!!! I will try to figure out which one works for me. It is really frustrating right now because we are in the middle of getting a new teacher and it is VERY unorganized. Everyone seems lost, and the notes that they give us is totally different than what our outline/learning objectives are, and ther are some things on our outline that isn't in our assigned chapters but it is in other chapters. It's like they really don't know what they are doing. We get an email everyday with something they forgot to tell us, or something that they forgot to tell us to bring or have next class. You email or call them and they don't ever email back or call back. It's like we're litterly on our own!
  2. MB37 I was on Chantix about 4 months ago, and it didn't work for me. I guess that I am the only fluke because my doctor said that EVERYONE he put on it quit, even a man that smoked 3 packs a day. I don't know what I done wrong, if anything. I started back on Welbuterin and I am going to get the Nicoderm CQ patch. I worked well for me last time until I run out and didn't have the money to buy more. Definetly let me know how the Chantix works for you and if it does what or rather how you do things. BTW......get ready for some funky funky dreams when you start full dose.
  3. I made it through my first week alive, but I think I am getting ready to get chewed up and spit out!! We recieved our lovely 54 page syllabus, and WOW!! 4 chapters to read this week with a test next week, 7 chapters to read next week with a test the next, it is totally crazy. I am also a smoker that is trying to kick the habit, and that is going to be a butt kicker also, but fast approaching age 35 and having smoked for 21 years I know I have to quit. My worst fear is figureing out how to study and remember all of this material while caring for 3 kids and a schizophrenic/bipolar/diabetic mother-in-law, with my husband on 2nd shift leaving at 1:30 pm and getting home 4:00 am. Guess I will definetly learn how to juggle..........always thought juggling would be fun to learn to do anyway.
  4. WOW, WOW, I can't say that enough. I just started my first year Nursing and it is not a little overwhelming, it is ALOT overwhelming. We have a test every single Monday. And our first weeks assignment for the 1st test is 4 chapters, out 2nd weeks assignment for our 2nd test is 7 chapters. I actually have 2 questions. How do you study this much material? How do you remember this much material because memorizing isn't going to cut it. And sometimes for me, it is hard to concentrate so I have to figure a way to do this!! Thank You for any and all help and advise!!