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  1. juicy_jade

    home health vs. hospital

    I am strongly considering trying to get a job in the home health field as opposed to a hospital. I am just getting started in the program, so I have plenty of time to think about it. Does anyone have an opinion?
  2. juicy_jade

    How Many Times Do You Have To Take A&P1 ?

    Well, basically you implied that what the other people were doing was none of my business and got defensive about people that retake A&P 1. Apparently, my original post was taken the wrong way. Good luck on your endeavors.
  3. juicy_jade

    How Many Times Do You Have To Take A&P1 ?

    Wow...thank you for the rather arrogant reply. Actually, it does affect my learning experience when half the class is showing up late while we are taking tests, when the instructor refers to things taught last semester, and when those people are sitting in the back giggling while we serious students are trying to learn. Yes, that is my business. I paid my tuition money to be here just like everyone else and I should not have to put up with a circus as a learning environment. Also, people should not be allowed to take the class four times just because they want to sleep and show up halfway through class and skip lab. There are plenty of other students here that are willing to take those seats that those slackers are only wasting. Also, I am not an expert on this or anything, but I would seriously doubt that nursing schools will factor in the fact that a person took a class several times to get a passing grade. Nursing schools are competitive and I seriously doubt that they will waste those seats on people that are going to sleep the entire time and show up late. Otherwise, anyone could get in. Now, if you want to spend your time and money to get that A, more power to you. I do not have a problem with that, I have a problem with the slack-jawed yokels that goof off all day while wasting the precious oxygen in our classroom and taking up space. There is a difference between being a serious student and retaking a class to make an A and someone that wants to play all day. I do believe I mentioned the playing and giggling in my posts. I am sorry if my original post rubbed you the wrong way, apparently it did. Best of luck to you. As for me, I am putting forth my best the first time around because I am not spending my time taking a class over and over for a higher grade.
  4. juicy_jade

    Do you get laughed at?

    Well...we took our first test today..... I passed at least, but the instructor said that on this test that a 70 is just like getting an A if that tells you how hard this test is. I did notice, however, that the students that were laughing before were not laughing when we got our grades back. :rotfl:
  5. juicy_jade

    How Many Times Do You Have To Take A&P1 ?

    Wow....schools can do that? Not post his name? Why can't they get rid of the guy and find someone that will teach and not belittle people for asking question? :trout:
  6. juicy_jade

    Anyone loving their classes this semester?

    The human body is fascinating. Psychology is very fascinating also. Speech and Intro to Comp I can do without. lol[EVIL][/EVIL]
  7. juicy_jade

    Do you get laughed at?

    I am a prenursing student and am in my 1st semester back in school in 7 years. This time around, I am taking school seriously and feel blessed just to have the opportunity to go to school. I am having a few issues in A&P 1 and went to the library and checked out children's books on biology and chemistry and have also visited websites that people on this forum have been kind enough to post. However, when other people talk of the trouble they are having I show them my books I checked out and tell them to come check out allnurses.com. A couple of people laughed at me and said "What, do you sit around and chat about bones all day?" But I know I will be laughing at the end of the semester.
  8. juicy_jade

    Is there hope for me??

    The ones that want it badly do the best. If you are serious and take college seriously, you will do well.
  9. juicy_jade

    How Many Times Do You Have To Take A&P1 ?

    Thank you everyone for your input. I am going to study very hard and hopefully get it right the first time.
  10. juicy_jade

    May I have a moment to whine?

    Does your school offer test taking tip seminars? Possibly check into that. As far as the kids, I have developed the ability to tune mine out. Sometimes, I set up a "quiet hour" where the kids have to have a quiet activity and I turn the ringers off of the phones. I also get up an hour earlier now to study before everyone else gets up. Good luck.
  11. juicy_jade

    How Many Times Do You Have To Take A&P1 ?

    There are several in my class that show up late, sleep, sit in the back and giggle. Then they do not even bother to show up for lab. Out of about 22 students, about 8 showed up for lab. So our instructor gave us a pop quiz.....one question....and here it is....What is your instructor's name? That quiz went for bonus points for the upcoming test. lolololol Those other people are only hurting themselves, so it does not make me mad. We have even had some whip out their cell phones during class. What is up with that?
  12. juicy_jade

    balance b/w home life and school

    I am blessed to have a really supprtive husband. I also pick my battles as far as the house-cleaning and things like that go. My children have a few more chores, but they get a few extra rewards on my free time. Just remember to also try to take some time for yourself.
  13. juicy_jade

    teacher fired....

    Congratulations! Being nervous about things (such as getting yelled at) will cause a person to become clumsy and drop things. Good luck with your new instructor.
  14. juicy_jade

    How Many Times Do You Have To Take A&P1 ?

    I wonder if how many times that people take A&P is also taken into consideration when applying for nursing school? I hope to get a good enough grade the first time, but I do understand that things happen. I can understand taking it twice, but three to four times?!?! The funny thing is that these are the same people that are constantly late to class and do not show up for lab the second half of class. hmmmmmmm.... :stone
  15. I am in A&P 1 for the first time this semester. 90% of the class is taking it for at least the second time. One lady is in there for the 4th time! No disrespect intended, but how many times do you have to take this class in order to pass? Yikes! Is something wrong with this picture?
  16. juicy_jade

    A&P I Spring 2007 Semster - Welcome!

    We are still on the chemistry part of A&P I. Does anyone know of a website that breaks everything down a bit. I am so lost. :uhoh21: Everytime I read the chapter, it gets just a little bit clearer, but I would still like some more help.