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  1. Hello J,

    I saw on your creds that you specialize in trauma. That's the specialty I am most interested in pursuing. I'm in my first semester, but I am a non-traditional student with enough exposure to the field  (Scribing in the ED for two years) to have some idea of what I want and do not want. 

    I have a significant interest in pursuing trauma - but I was wondering how to do so. I understand that there is a certification available after taking some additional nursing courses and recording enough hours in the ED. The routes I've seen are either ED or ICU; is there some other career field I should be considering? 

    Thank you for your time!

    1. JBudd

      JBudd, MSN

      I work at a truama center, started nursing before there was such a thing as ACLS, and later TNCC.  Basically, just working in a high volume trauma center will get you there.  I haven't looked into any specific certifications other than the ENA ones, TNCC & Advanced Trauma Core Curriculum; both about 2 day course but they go indepth on what to do. 

      So "specialize", not so much as just that is what I've done for the last 25 years, work in a Level 3 trauma center; and take the courses mentioned above.  

      I'd recommend joining ENA, they have a large library of books and resources to study.  Plus you get the Emergency Nursing Journal as part of your membership fees.