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errneducator has 11 years experience and specializes in ER.

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  1. errneducator

    Pocket Guide

    Sorry didn't mention that I am looking for recommendations for new ED nurses. I am an ED educator, just trying to keep a pulse on what others are using.
  2. errneducator

    Any ED CNS' here?

    I am interested in this topic as well. I currently am an ED educator. I have been in this role for almost 5 years. I am heading into my second semester of my masters as a CNS. I don't know if this will be helpful, but ENA has recently put together a scope of practice for the CNS in the ED setting - http://www.ena.org/IQSIP/NursingPractice/Documents/ENACNSScope.pdf Jess
  3. errneducator

    Pocket Guide

    What pocket guide would you recomend for a new nurse? Thanks, Jess
  4. errneducator

    IUPUI CNS track

    Has anyone taken the CNS track at IUPUI? Any thoughts?
  5. errneducator

    ER Externship

    :welcome: Good for you on obtaining an externship! Use this time for your benefit. It is a great time to put everything you are learning in school with real life practice. Unfortunately, you will not learn Er nursing in nursing school. When I have had externs, I always appreciated when they didn't need me to motivate them. I would rather you have me ask questions than just dive in and do and then have to undo the damage. Get together with your preceptor on a regular basis and ask for feedback. Don't take what they say personally, but rather use the feedback as a platform for growth. Have a wonderful time learning!:monkeydance: Jessica
  6. errneducator

    New Grad orientation

    Hi everybody, I am a new Clinical Educator in our Er. Currently I have several new grads orienting and several getting ready to start. Does anybody have helpful suggestions for what worked or didn't work during their orientation? Does anyone have any ideas from what their hospital does? Has anyone used the ENA's Orientation to the Er curriculum? Thanks, Jess
  7. errneducator

    New Grad residency program/orientation

    Hi everyone, I am a brand new Clinical Educator for our Er. In fact, all I have under my belt is orientation for the department. I have several new grads on the floor and several more getting ready to start. Does anyone have any ideas on orienting new grads to a specialty area? Has anyone used the ENA's Orientation to Emergency Nursing curriculum? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Jessica