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  1. F_Nightengown


    I regret being single with no kids, but there ya go.
  2. F_Nightengown

    Fun Education!

    I don't really know what I'd do with it, but as I say my instructor in emerg was quite interested. Plenty of nurses around with 10 or 15 years of experience that need to pass that experience along. She was quite excited.
  3. F_Nightengown

    Fun Education!

    Whoa, guys! OK -I've been only nursing for a year, in Edmonton, Canada. I'm doing emerg training right now. I showed my instructor this web site - she thought the Master Teacher Certificate looked interesting, but thinks there isn't enough information on the site. She hasn't heard of any of the faculty members. Probably worth digging a little deeper. I don't know about improving nursing yet, I'm just concentrating on improving my own! I was in Milan on my Euro-trek. Spent WAY to much money for somebody with student loans!
  4. F_Nightengown

    A step towards "universal health care" run by the government?

    Agreed. And how does one define a "minimal level" anyway?
  5. F_Nightengown

    Fun Education!

    Has anyone on this board studied at Ambrosiana, or knows anyone that has?
  6. F_Nightengown

    Fun Education!

    I was in Milan last summer after I graduated. I'd sign up just for the in class part...