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  1. Can your child be your patient?

    I have an odd question. I work as a LPN in home care. My son is T/V and is entitled to receive 16 hrs of nursing per day in our home. (I do not take 16 hrs by choice.) Does anyone have information if it is possible to do agency work for your...
  2. Prereqs thru Excelsior

    Yes, I want to get my RN through Excelsior. Thanks!
  3. Prereqs thru Excelsior

    Hi Everyone, I graduated LPN school in June & passed boards in July. I am VERY interested in continuing on for my RN. I have 0 prereqs done. I want to do them through Excelsior but wanted to ask if anyone has done this? I want to make sur...
  4. New LPN in Camden County....

    I just passed my boards and will be looking for a position and need some guidance. My dream job would be working at Weisman Children's Hospital but they require 2 years experience. I will be sending my resume to Cooper & Our Lady of Lourdes h...