Can your child be your patient?

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I have an odd question. I work as a LPN in home care. My son is T/V and is entitled to receive 16 hrs of nursing per day in our home. (I do not take 16 hrs by choice.) Does anyone have information if it is possible to do agency work for your own child? I know this sounds crazy but my problem is if I have a call out for my son and they cannot fill the shift, I cannot work and lose wages. I am a single mom and I only work PT so it really impacts me. I know there are other states that allow this. I never looked into it but was wondering if anyone heard of such a thing.

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I can't imagine the pressures you're under. I was a single mom, but my son was healthy, so I have only a little idea.

You'd have to check with your caseworker and the agency regarding the legalities, but I have big worries about you being both mom and nurse to your kid. It's generally considered inappropriate for professionals to care for their own family members ... too stressful and too hard to stay objective.

Mom and nurse are two different roles ... and you're the only mom he has.

I do know that some states will pay a family caregiver. Is this what you're thinking of? You would be paid as a family member, not as an LPN, if I understand correctly.

Like I said, I think you need to talk to your caseworker.

Good luck ... I'll think the good thought for you.

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