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fromtheheartRN has 7 years experience and specializes in Cardiac, ER.

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  1. fromtheheartRN

    Medical Terminology & Abbrevations Game :)

    Yep--cover your ass The way it relates to tests is mainly when an MD orders them for reason CYA only.
  2. fromtheheartRN

    need advice--and yes, support

    I have been an RN for three + years. At the same hospital-same floor since graduation. I love bedside nursing and am always looking for ways to grow and learn. I am certified in my specialty and I am a relief charge for our 40 bed unit. I hav...
  3. fromtheheartRN

    Medical Terminology & Abbrevations Game :)

    RAD = Reactive Airway Disease (newer umbrella term for asthma/COPD) OK--What is CYA? -regarding tests.
  4. fromtheheartRN

    Anyone use the Littman 3000 electronic stethoscope?

    I was just mentioning to hubby last night that I needed a new scope--I have severe tinnitus AND hearing loss (result of job in a former life). I have been using a Master Cardiology-which has served me well until lately-I guess my hearing loss is gett...
  5. fromtheheartRN

    Need feedback

    Need more feedback, please
  6. fromtheheartRN

    Need feedback

    I had another colleague tell me about a situation, and I'd like some feedback--good-bad-indifferent--I'm open. The nurse was called into the unit director's office, handed some EKG strips, and two regular, common meds (not narcs--or even a med tha...
  7. fromtheheartRN

    Need advise on staffing problem and employee moral

    I agree with Tazzi. The ER I worked in prior to my current job did exactly that. It is a huge task to take on when you are attempting to show and convince that adding a float nurse will improve patient safety as well as be cost effective at the sam...
  8. fromtheheartRN

    Hemodynamic Monitoring learning

    :specs:I found a great site for an online interactive CERP! http://www.pacep.org You need to register, but doing the course is FREE! If you need CERPS, there is a fee. I had fun doing the first module of the two. The second is advanced and I ...
  9. fromtheheartRN

    Has anyone taken the new AACN Cardiac Surgery Cert.

    Thank you! Perfect---I do not know how I missed these resources on aacn! MUCH help!
  10. fromtheheartRN

    CMC Exam HELP!

    I posted this request in Cardiac Nursing, but no replies yet. Also no threads show up when I search. I would appreciate any help with this subspecialty exam--I am taking it soon! Have the study CD and the blueprint. I am reading my med-surg book...
  11. fromtheheartRN

    slave labor

    This "break issue" is NOT just ER! It is part of the nursing culture. Getting a lunch break on my floor is the EXCEPTION and not the rule. And things will NOT change if we all run around (and ourselves into the ground) and keep taking it with the...
  12. fromtheheartRN

    Hey ER, what takes so long???

    Also, I find it very helpful if I ask the ER RN--or the ER Charge if it would be possible to at least get a patient admitting history prior to floor transfer. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get this if the ER has a "resource RN" hanging out down t...
  13. fromtheheartRN

    Hey ER, what takes so long???

    I am a recently new charge nurse on a tele floor. What an eye-opener it has been! I will try to give a few reasons about the "magical shift change influx of admits." AMH, we have a bed board where we can see each pt who is waiting for a bed in th...
  14. fromtheheartRN

    Speaking of adenosine

    Too funny! Thanks for the chuckle!
  15. fromtheheartRN

    Describe your last day at work in 50 words or less !?

    Yeah, me too. I had 6 on Saturday. DC'd 4 (two were SNF's). Two new admits -so really 8 total. Ended with three and took my tech to be a sitter with one of the new ones. (see prev post Pt #1).
  16. fromtheheartRN


    Thanks for the info! I must have picked up the AALNC site by accident when looking for the education required to become a LNC. Have a great day!