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  1. depending on the area of the country you are in there is the option of a cinical nurse specialist. The education for that is more towards the education, resource nurse type focus. I know they are common in some areas and not in others. I'm kinda in the same boat as you, although I have been out longer, I know I don't want CRNA and I'm not really sure that I want to be an NP either.
  2. LoraLou

    Whats the lowest cardiac index you have seen?

    I've had a 0.9, quite a while ago ended up putting an IABP in. Sounds like yours needed a dilator with svri that high, thats pretty tight for the heart to be pumping against. Once that's lowered the ci should come up.
  3. LoraLou

    Prefering RNs to LPNs

    Around the area that I live LPNs are not being hired into hospital work. If there is an lpn that has worked in the hospital they are not being fired or anything like that, but cannot even transfer to other floors, once leaving the floor where they are they can no longer find hospital work.
  4. LoraLou

    Mandatory CNA!!!!

    You don't have to work as a CNA, just take the CNA classes.
  5. LoraLou

    What do you think about cell phone use?

    I have actually seen it mess up the monitors, only once and that was a while ago. I worked with someone who said the really old cell phones would mess up the iv pumps at the facility that she worked at. What I have heard is that they only mess up the equipment when the phone goes into analog roaming which is extremely rare with the newer cell phones. I don't know how true that it is. I always tell people that its not very common, but it can sometimes happen and wouldn't they rather be safe than sorry with their loved ones and there is usually not a problem. As far as the docs go I have seen them using cell phones at the desk on occasion which is usually more than the 3-5 feet away it says, I have never seen them use them in the rooms.
  6. LoraLou

    Is it weird not to wear a scrub top?

    I personally wear a scrub top cuz I want the pockets to keep my pens, hemostats, and other various supplies in them, but I don't think it looks bad to not wear one.
  7. LoraLou

    BIS Monitoring

    on my unit we would use BIS only if the patient was paralyzed and sedated. We had a scale if they were on sedation only as far as awake and calm, awake and agitated, easily arousable, etc. but if somebody is paralyzed that is not going to work, so we would slap a BIS on them to make sure they were not awake underneath the paralyzation. As far as it ranging from the 60s to 90s I'm not sure, we would occasionally experience a smaller drop or rise and would just adjust the sedation accordingly. At least on our monitors a quality indicator number would pop up alongside the bis, so if that read between 90-100 we knew our BIS was accurate, if it was low you would need to try pressing down on the pad areas where it is reading and also think about changing out the whole set, that should be changed at least every 24 hours. Lora
  8. LoraLou

    TPN thru a peripheral line?

    our policy is TPN through a central line only, the only thing we are able to run with TPN is insulin, and there PPN (peripheral parenterl nutrition) that is prepared to run through a peripheral line.
  9. LoraLou

    Pay differential for ICU, CCRN, BSN

    in the ICU we make the same amount as all nurses do, BSN makes the same as ADN, MSN makes more, but not sure what, and CCRN makes a whopping 35 cents more an hour
  10. LoraLou

    Adult CCU or Peds CCU??

    Really depends on what you want to do. Working with adults vs working with kids is very different! The type of head problems that you will see also very different, Peds will be mostly congenital problems while in adults you will see some congenital defects but also atherosclerotic issues, with MI's, afib, etc. While not impossible it can be difficult to switch from adults to kids and vice versa so I would recommend starting with what type of population that you'd like to work with if you can see yourself being a pediatric nurse start there, if you don't think you can handle working with kids work in the adult arena. You could also ask to shadow on each unit and see which you like better.
  11. LoraLou

    tech help in the unit

    we've only got a tech 4 nights a week, but when she is there she stocks the rooms and cleans when her help is not needed elsewhere, but if we're giving a bath, turning a patient, etc, she is there
  12. LoraLou

    ICU Staffing?

    I would personally never sit by myself with one patient, regardless if they're a DNR or a Full Code, obviously the DNR I would feel a little more comfortable with, but a Full Code and you said that they were vented? I would prefer another nurse, but at least a tech, what happens when you want to go to the bathroom? extremely unsafe! Most BON have 'assignment by objection' papers, if you're not getting any response from the NM or the nursing supervisor I would be filling one of those out everytime a situation like that arose. Lora
  13. LoraLou

    CRRT question

    Same with regular I/O total in minus total out, iv fluids, tube feeds, etc, minus crrt minus ct, ng output, urine output if they're having any
  14. LoraLou

    Night time fun

    I usually 'half it' on my first day off I will sleep til 2 or so and then I will go back to bed around 3 am and then be up around 11 or so the next day, it seems to work well for me, on my nights off I will catch up on all the tv shows I've taped while I was working, I also have netflix, catch on on reading and that kind of thing, but I am up in the afternoons on my nights off so I still have a chance to do the regular day people stuff like banks, and grocery store, etc
  15. LoraLou

    Sign On Bonuses...Are they real?

    I got a 7000 dollar sign on bonus, i had to sign a two year contract, we got half up front and then the other half halfway through.
  16. LoraLou

    Am I Wrong?

    It depends on what this woman has done throughout her life and what sort of medications she is used to taking. Not that I don't agree with you that is a lot of medication, but if she is someone who has taken a lot of various medications throughout her lifetime she could have built up quite an immunity to them and must take a lot. Have you ever checked on her after she has taken them all?