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    Hi, Hopefully some of you more experienced HH nurses can give me an idea as to what is going on at my HH agency, as I am fairly new to this company and new to the HH field of nursing. The company is undergoing some changes, there was a new nurse manager who was hired right after me, and all kinds of new rules and policies and procedures are being created - some probably as we speak. Today I received an email from this nurse manager asking me for my log in screen names and the passwords to go with it, she said it was the policy to keep these on file. At least one of the other nurses received this email as well. She (the nurse manager) already has the capability to go in and change my charting, and she has done so - and everything I chart can be seen from her administrator account, and she changes it from there. When I submit something, it has an electronic signature on it in my name... anybody got any ideas why she wants this? Would any of you do this? What kind of liability am I putting on myself? I am so worried from all of this stuff I cannot even begin to tell you. Thanks so much!
  2. moonjumper

    First week of nursing school and I am already freaking out...

    Hi lilbutterfly, I graduated in May 2008, and worked a couple part time jobs and had a elementary school boy...what I found helped me the most was to google a lot of the "concepts" and to read it in plain english, then go back and skim over the texts and add in the medicalese lingo, once I had grasped the concept in regular people language. Try it, it might work for you too. Good luck! moonjumper RN
  3. moonjumper

    nursing grad who cant seem to pass boards

    hey nursing grad, repeat after me, "i will not give up". k? i graduated nursing school at the end of may 2008, and i took boards on july 29th, so i'm still a semi-new rn. on the last day of school last year, the instructors held an informal gathering about tips for passing nclex, and the most important thing i learned from that was depending on how you did on the exit exam (ati for me), that's how many questions you should answer in preparation for boards. 100-90%, answer a 1000 questions, 90-80%, answer 2000 questions, and so forth. the next thing i did was buy a months worth of online nclex questions and borrow a box of nclex rn cards. one month before boards, i started studying, but before i began each study session, i would visit one of the websites below (inserting links) that details how to break down the nclex question so that you can understand what you're being asked. nclex tips and strategies nclex forum - study tips, guides and podcasts i had 2 study sessions each day for 30 days, but the day before i took boards, i assembled my nclex taking outfit, cooked a huge turkey dinner (in the end of july) because i was "thanksgiving" that this journey was almost over, watched a stupid movie with my son and didn't study or answer one question. next day, i got up, looked at the two websites, got dressed and went and kicked nclex's behind. machine shut off at 75, 35 minutes after i took my seat. if i can do it, so can you. now.... go be brilliant!!! moonjumper, semi-new rn
  4. moonjumper

    Clinical Groups? Please tell me they change!!

    Feeling compelled here to add my 2cents. So here it goes: first quarter I was the person who was acting oddly in lab and class...I was under so much stress at the time it is amazing that I survived it. Then our clinical groups were chosen, and my clinical group gelled as a group without me...in fact they talked about me in post-conference (that was held at a restaurant that I could not afford to eat at because I am a single mom and can't work enough hours and don't get any child support)...which was then repeated to me by one of the more "helpful" classmates. My clinical group completely ostracized me and I was robbed of opportunities to consult the other students, some of whom worked as techs in hospitals, about all things from little to big (where do they keep the thermometer covers....can you assist me with a lift, stuff like that.) If that wasn't bad enough, I got sick about 2 weeks into quarter which then turned into pneumonia...and it lasted almost all quarter. I never stopped coming to class, I never stopped going to clinical, I passed every single test and hung in there...and now 2nd quarter, it's coming together in my head at lightning fast speed and I'm excelling and loving it. I never let on to my old clinical group that I knew they were discussing me in such detail (when I wasn't around of course)...I refused to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they hurt me very deeply by their behaviors. So now here is 2nd quarter...and my new clinical group is awesome...they're grown-up adults who are there to learn, and we've formed a cohesive unit....and those folks from my old clinical group? Well...what goes around comes around, kwim? Not too many people want to associate with them and their holier-than-thou attitudes... So please just be patient with your clinical group...you never know who climbs a mountain before they get out of bed in the morning...and the person to whom you extend your hand in kindness today will probably have your back tomorrow. And that's worth it's weight in gold. Hang in there...and smile. Moonjumper - student nurse