Hopefully some of you more experienced HH nurses can give me an idea as to what is going on at my HH agency, as I am fairly new to this company and new to the HH field of nursing.

The company is undergoing some changes, there was a new nurse manager who was hired right after me, and all kinds of new rules and policies and procedures are being created - some probably as we speak.

Today I received an email from this nurse manager asking me for my log in screen names and the passwords to go with it, she said it was the policy to keep these on file. At least one of the other nurses received this email as well.

She (the nurse manager) already has the capability to go in and change my charting, and she has done so - and everything I chart can be seen from her administrator account, and she changes it from there. When I submit something, it has an electronic signature on it in my name... anybody got any ideas why she wants this?

Would any of you do this? What kind of liability am I putting on myself?

I am so worried from all of this stuff I cannot even begin to tell you.

Thanks so much!


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What you have described is precisely why I refuse to work for an employer who uses computer charting. Once I became aware that my charting is being altered, I would be forced to resign. I am quite capable of getting into trouble by myself, I don't need any assistance.


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Sounds like a case for the corporate compliance team. If you have proof that she is altering your documentation, that is also a case for the Board of Nursing, I think. If you don't have a corporate compliance team, talk to your administrator and ask if this is expected. Don't forget to print out the email, just in case it is self-destructing.

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Our I.T. person has our main system log in and password but our electronic signature password is mine and mine alone...simply for the prevention of fraudulent charting. Check into's your license at stake

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Um, yeah... That's no good.

I would suspect the primary motive for changing your charting is to gain an increase in reimbursement. If there are issues you should be doing differently she -as your supervisor -needs to be educating you (or visa-versa) about them, not simply changing them. I think the whole purpose for passwords is to negate this kinds of issues. Have you asked her about it?

I agree, print the email and encourage your co-worker to do so as well. Also forward it to your own personal email at home. An "innocent" enough way to ask about it without ruffling feathers or getting yourself in trouble would be to mention it to your IT person and ask what they think about it. If nothing, report to corporate compliance.