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    Physical exam form question

    Is there a spot on the school form to indicate? If not, then don't chart more than you have to. On school/work PE forms, I fill out what's asked and no more. Of the occupations/schools a) that require a PE form be filled out, and b) where a person's...
  2. Elvish

    Mandatory co-author?

    At my school/for my project, we were not required to list them as co-authors of the actual project manuscript write-up/dissertation/whatever your school calls it. That was ours and ours alone, although to be fair our (or at least my) project chairs w...
  3. Elvish

    NAS babies

    Cluster your cares. Swaddle, white noise, dim the lights/cover isolette/crib with a blanket if you can do so safely. Pacifiers are your best friend. Anything you can do to decrease your baby's exposure to stimuli will help. Do you have something that...
  4. Elvish

    Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    I would also highly recommend How to Survive a Plague by David France. It's mostly patient centered, and focuses on people with HIV/AIDS and how much of what we know now, and many of the medicines we use to treat HIV, we have because people in those ...
  5. I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping your social media life and your work life separate, and I wouldn't be offended if a coworker told me they do this. I do think it's probably better for workplace relationships if you tell why, though. ...
  6. Thanks for the clarification. So, if a kid is questioning their sexuality, they're probably not going to be on hormones unless they're also certain their gender identity differs from their assigned sex, and sometimes not even then until they're a ce...
  7. Elvish

    Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    If you don't want to contract HIV from your patients, don't have sex with them, share tattoo or IV drug needles with them, or transfuse yourself with their blood. If you don't do those things, you will be fine. Furthermore, the CDC's most recent sta...
  8. I do think it's important for primary care providers to discuss this with adolescents at office visits, and I agree with the member who said we mostly need to be listening. But if we don't ask we risk not uncovering what may be a source of great anxi...
  9. This. Just like the ADN, BSN, whatever is the degree you hold and the RN is the license, it's very similar with NP certifications. The DNP (or MSN, whatever) is the degree one holds, and NP is the certification. There are a ton of different NP cert...
  10. Elvish

    Dangers of teaching kids they can be boys or girls

    Identifying obvious bias, calling out poor-quality evidence, and outing unreliable (i.e. clearly flawed and/or unreproducible) research qualifies as neither bigotry nor an attack. Darling, please. Christians are not under attack in this country. Thi...
  11. Elvish

    Dangers of teaching kids they can be boys or girls

    OMG, something similar happened in our house when our son (4 at the time, now 13) asked for a Tinkerbell tea set and tree house. My husband flipped his lid and said his son wasn't gonna be playing with girl toys. I asked the husband what he would do ...
  12. Elvish

    National Walkout Day March 14 at 10am

    A lot of people don't know this, but it's possible to care about more than one thing. Your post reeks of, "I can't logically refute their actions, so I'll deflect to other stuff and attack their appearance."
  13. Elvish

    National Walkout Day March 14 at 10am

    Two completely different discussions. Yes, kids should be kind to those in their midst who might be lonely. But that's not going to help with the issue of legislators in bed with the NRA and refuse to do ANYthing to help them be safer in school.
  14. Elvish

    National Walkout Day March 14 at 10am

    They're kids. They're doing a hell of a lot more meaningful stuff than I did at 13. They don't hold a lot of political power, so they're doing the best they can with what they have. I'll cut them some slack for stopping off at the school nurse. They'...
  15. Elvish

    National Walkout Day March 14 at 10am

    My kid's school district supported any kids who wanted to walk out. At his middle school they're having a voluntary 'walkout' assembly today where they could talk about what they think needs to happen for school shootings to stop, and if they want to...
  16. Elvish

    Dangers of teaching kids they can be boys or girls

    Pal, I am not the one who started an entire thread bemoaning my personal experiences. You did. I have little children. My daughter is in first grade. She is totally ok with the fact that some people like boys and some people like girls, and some peo...
  17. Elvish

    Dangers of teaching kids they can be boys or girls

    The basic information needed to impart to the OP would costs thousands of dollars if it came from a university. I don't get paid enough. But what I will say is that a friend of mine has a trans teenage daughter who just this week had multiple vile ...
  18. Elvish

    What would you be in another life?

    Librarian. Mmmmmmm, boooooooks.
  19. Elvish

    Meyers Brigg, Have you done it?

    Solid INFJ. Every single time I've taken it. OB/neonatal and soon starting to work as public health FNP. INFJ - The Advocate
  20. Elvish

    Mission Trips

    I have been on several mission trips (mostly secular) and agree with the notion that it is extremely important to examine your motives. I understand that you're not interested in a 'missional vacation,' and that's a good start. Wanting to give back i...
  21. Elvish

    Are you doing these things on your L&D floor?

    UDS: It's a default on our EHR screen, but most of the providers will uncheck it unless there's an abruption, no PNC, or a history of drug use. Nubain: Haven't seen it in a very long time. Not only is it bad for withdrawal, our newborns would forget...
  22. Elvish


    It isn't the only thing we use, but it helps with those kids that are just losing their minds. We use it as an adjunct with methadone and phenobarb. I can't remember exactly when we started using it but it's been at least a couple years.
  23. Elvish


    My patients are significantly below school age, but just throwing it out there that we also use clonidine po q6h for our opiate withdrawal newborns. It helps A LOT with their sleep. And when they sleep better they do everything else better (grow, eat...
  24. Elvish

    East Carolina University Online Program

    Neonatal is a small world, and I have worked with several of the professors/former professors in that program. They're good people and excellent colleagues. I finished my DNP-FNP there last year and am getting ready to start my job after a 6mo break...
  25. I'll throw my $.02 in with everyone else and say you did the best you could with the situation and resources in front of you, and I don't want you to spend one more second beating yourself up about it. Microchips weighing 500gm need a 00 blade, and ...