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  1. enyoafi

    any foriegn nurses in MO

    hi all im new to st louis. im a trained Rn from the UK. i need somene to advice me on what kind of Jobs i could do whiles i prepare to write my Nclex. Also i would like to know what the state of Missouri requires from Cgfns. because i do have my status to live in the US already so i dont know what this state requires
  2. enyoafi

    Licensure requirements for CA for foreign grad

    ]:welcome: yes i have to take the CGFNS exam. what handbook comes with it cos i dont know. are they supposed to send it to me. i wouuld follow your guidelines thank you Do you need to do CGFNS exam? If you do the only thing really is to study with the handbook that comes with it. For NCLEX I suggest you check out the NCLEX forum found by clicking the student tab. Suzanne offers a programme but you need to complete the first part on your own and follow the thread in the nclex forum. Have you started your process with the BON for licensure? Good luck on your move
  3. enyoafi

    Welcome to the Missouri State Forum!

    hi all im new to MO i live in st louis. i moved with my husband who is american. i am from the UK lived and studied there as an RN. at this point in time i do not work as an RN because theres a lot of exam to writeie CGFNS and NCLEX can you guys pls help me. also i need a job maybe as a CNA or any health related job just for a bit of income and toavoid boredom thanks for your help
  4. hi all i qualified my nursing in the UK but i need a job in the health sector. maybe a CNA might be the best option for now, but: how do i qualify to be a CNA what do i need to do im moving to MO st louis pls help
  5. enyoafi

    Licensure requirements for CA for foreign grad

    hi all i just graduated from the uk and im moving to the US.St louis Mo. i need guidelines on what books are need to pass my CGFNS exam as well as my NCLEX. advice on any good review classes in st. louis. thanks for your help
  6. enyoafi

    Licensure requirements for CA for foreign grad

    hi . i am moving to MO state in 2wks, got married to an american, qualified nurse in the uk. but i need advice. 1. what are the best review books to prepare me for CGFNS and NCLEX 2. what kind of job can i be doing whiles awaiting to write these 2 exams. (Health Related) 3.Any review classes around st louis 4. learning strategies to pass these exam. thank you all for your help look forward to hearing from you
  7. enyoafi

    legal nursing

    i want to know what legal nursing is all about, because im UK trained and theres nothing like that in the uk, but im amazed by the title it sounds like something i will like to do. i just need some elaboration on the job description and wat one needs to do to be a LNC as in course. and wat benefit i get from being on , and if its something worth doing. otherwise wats the hot cake specialities in the usa, i dont mind studying in terms of nursing
  8. enyoafi

    legal nursing

    hi does any one know auything aba legal nursing and what one needs to do to become one. please some one help