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legal nursing

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does any one know auything aba legal nursing and what one needs to do to become one. please some one help

Perhaps you should post this in the legal nursing forum? You might get some answers there.


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hello, enyoafi and welcome to allnurses.com

a thank you to tazzirn for the heads up on this thread. i moved the thread to the legal nursing forum for a better response.

enyoafi, what information are you needing? not sure what you mean, "aba legal nursing". could you please elaborate?

enjoy the site here at allnurses.com and please come back and post again.

i want to know what legal nursing is all about, because im UK trained and theres nothing like that in the uk, but im amazed by the title it sounds like something i will like to do. i just need some elaboration on the job description and wat one needs to do to be a LNC as in course. and wat benefit i get from being on , and if its something worth doing.

otherwise wats the hot cake specialities in the usa, i dont mind studying in terms of nursing

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