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    Herbals In Lactation

    At the midwifery clinic I work at we recommend two herbs, fenugreek and also blessed thistle. also 6 oz of imported beer can really help increase milk supply, I believe it has something to do with the yeast in the beer.
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    Herbals to get labor started

    I have seen it used to augment labor but not to start labor. usually its given by the dropperfull and held under the tongue for as long as a minuite Ive seen it help pick up the pace of spaced out contractions (usually stalled by time spent in a warm bath) so labor was pretty well underway anyway. all three of the midwives I work with use it, mostly in the birthcenter and sometimes in the hospital. it doesnt work 100% of the time and works just as well as nipple stimulation and it tastes awfull. wow i cant believe im the only one to reply to this post and its been up since september!
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    Care of post abortion pt

    I have always dreamed of working in ob, i am a recently graduated practical nurse who has just been offered a position in a womens health clinic taking care of pts who have just had an abortion. i have reviewed my material from school but cant find alot of information on how to care for these pts. I would appreciate all feedback. I am not sure if I will take the position or not, this is not the ob position i always dreamed of but it would open some doors to me this is a large clinic that does prenatal care and many other aspects of womens health. Im concerned that it will close doors to me in future interviews. in short, im a mess trying to figure this one out and could just use some advise and opinions. please help.....I do not want to turn this in to a pro choice or pro life discussion. I only want to know how to care for these pts and if anyone feels that this would be the right or wrong way to start a OB nursing carreer I plan on going on for my RN as soon as my little boy is old enough to start school and then go on for my CNM. I have wanted to do this since i was a little girl. it means alot to me. you can reach me by email at Jennipherlyn25@yahoo.ie
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    Best Study Tips Please!

    read the highlights of your chapters outloud into a recorder, on your way to class, the grocery store, or while making dinner, listen to it. I used to go to sleep starting with "A" and on to "Z" I would try to recall something that started with that letter that I learned. songs songs songs! ie, all of endocrine is stuck forever in my head to the tune of the ants are marching lol. find one that works for you. also there are a ton of medical mnemonics those are great for things like the 12 cranial nerves, (oh oh oh to touch and feel very green veggies, ah heven!) I used everything i could think of, as a mom of a two year old, i learned bones muscles by doing the hokey pokey with my son. I passed with an overall average of 90 and have yet to take my boards, but am fairly confident as these learning techniques really stuck with me... Good luck!!!!!!!!
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    I did it. holy cow its over. I am now officially a Graduated Practical Nurse. Now its on to Boards.........:)
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    THank You all for your congradulations- I take boards in about 60 days !!!!!!!
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    Pinning ceremony?

    Anyone have one of these yet? just wondering what to expect, really excited only three weeks to go now till graduation! We have to wear a white uniform no makeup hair slicked back in the bun no jewelery ect... typical clinical attire for us except for the white uniform (our school uniform is blue and white and the word sailor comes to mind when looking at it) ugg cant wait to get rid of that thing! Just currious though .......... Thanks!:roll
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    Nursing school hellions!

    heres one for you, we just finished endocrine, Just took the Unitexam and this poor girl looks up and says Whats IDDM mean? However, this girl is not stupid and will make a good nurse some day, I think the problem is to many hours trying to work the night job and it was a friday afternoon...... lol
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    LPN to RN

    I dont know much but I can tell you that my instructor (LPN) told us to stay away from Regents programs she said that they were in many cases unfair and that she had heard of alot of problems with them, thats all I got, sorry cant give more info... LPN GRADUATION IN 18 more school days....:)..............
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    Mother going to nursing school

    First off, best of luck to you hun! I have a two year old and it has just about broke my heart missing so much of him this year, i attend full time LPN and need at least 6 hours study time nights and weekends, my best advise is 1. FIND A REALLY GOOD CARE SITUATION FOR THEM so you wont worry, stress and feel guilty 2. CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK your program. my son needed to go to the ER one day while I was in school. we are only allowed to miss 4 days all year long. I had missed 4. The head of my nursing program told me that i should pay the baby sitter to take my little one to the ER and that I needed to figure out where my priorities were, since i had made a commitment to "her" program GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR just guess what I had to say in return I KNOW exactly where my prioritys lie. Be carefull lots of people are blindsided by such things i know i never expected it.......
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    Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

    I sit here and wonder... How in Great googley moogley can any of the Diseases and Disorders, interventions and tests and Treatments and meds make ANY SENSE AT ALL TO THESE PEOPLE WITHOUT A GOOD KNOWLEDGE BASE OF A&P????!!!!! I tend to do really well with it and it has totally saved my but How can they pass boards? I dont get it at all......... as far as cheaters, well, I feel like its the instructors job to evaluate each student and determine those kinds of things. In my class, if you are absent the day of a test, you get a different test when you return to class. this has upset me from day one, if you cant trust me to take a test honestly and to the best of my ability, how can you trust me with a licence?
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    Thanks all for your valuable info! put in a good 6 hours study time with them tonight and not nearly as worried as i was before, Got a 95 on my skeletal componant of this unit so i can calm down! :) :) ill keep you posted lol
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    OK folks, I have just about 72 hours to memorize muscles. NO other unit has given me this many problems YES i admit it- I have May-itis but i have been trying all weekend and i just cant seem to keep these tricky things in my head Any and All ideas are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. must maintain a 75% or above in my full time LPN program- started out with 23 students- we graduate in 26 more school days and are down to 11 students God help us......
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    This happened to me while working as an brandnew CNA on the night shift in a hospital... While walking down the hall doing my rounds ie all in bed all here.. I passed two lovely nurses whispering to themselvs and giggling I smiled but having a heavy load that night quickly finished that round and went to return to my work the next round had to be made in a half hour. on my way down the hall, one of the nurses called out hey hun be sure you check on room such and such. on your next round. I heard her buddy giggle but i was busy so went back to work. at the main desk I saw another aid grabbing a body bag and asked her who passed. she said the same room i had been asked to check out. DIdnt take me long to figure out i was being set up sooooo walked down the hall during my rounds went right in to room such and such I knew my friends were watching me I closed the door. several minuites later i came out and approached the nurses who could barely keep a straight face and looked them right in the eye with my best really concerned look and said. SHE says she need some pain meds, she is feeling awfull stiff and she doesnt look so hot either.... I have never ever seen two people jump up and run so fast in my life... hee hee hee that was the last time they played that little trick! at least on me!
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    we lost someone today...

    30 schooldays till graduation and we lost someone today. a student. not her choice. I feel so awfull for her... I attend a VERY INTENSE full time LPN program. we have all worked so hard all year we started with 22 now we are down to 11. Has this happened to anyone else? I am scared to death that something will happen and next time it will be me... my grades are good i have worked so hard, we all have struggled sooooo much to get here and now this. we have been told that you can get dropped right up to the day of graduation. this stress is killing me!! I took my clinical lab finals today and even though i picked a very easy skill test (luck of the draw somehow) I was such a nervous wreck I really thought i was going to fail. I passed somehow though. SO is this just my program or is this everywhere? Also this is to other LPN's I graduate very soon and all i have done in clinical is bedbaths, bed making, D/C one foley and two IV's passed meds 2 X did 1 IM and 4 sub qs I had been an aid a year before this and I feel like thats all i have done in clinical. As a student LPN i take orders from aids I have no problem with basic patient care but I want to be proficient in MORE THAN JUST THAT............... Getting really worried that this is how the rest of the year will go. Does any one have any info, input? is this usuall? or just me?
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    Dropout rates?

    we started the year with 22 students now are down to 12 TG i am one of them then again (will it ever end) they are probably sleeping soundly tonight while i spent seven hours trying to understand neuro...........:) mine is a full time ten month program with 8 weeks to go till graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How high is to high!?

    I am a student of Practical Nursing due to graduate in June. I have a question about fevers in pediatric patients (two year old) If a child this age developes a fever of 103 degrees F (axillary) and keeps climbing, as soon as the Tylenol wears off, shouldnt this be cause for alarm? I spoke with a DR. and he said that in viral infections fevers of 104 and 105 arent uncommon and that you would just give Tylenol and spongebaths. I am about half way thru Peds in school and I though that fevers over 101.4 in infants and young children were a cause for concern. I would greatly appreciate input re: this because I have decided to write my theory paper on this subject THANKS!!!
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    How high is to high!?

    Thank you for your responces and yes I will let you know how the paper turns out:) Febrile sezures was the first thing i thought of to, any one know what temp these usually occur? As far as a FUO that is pretty much what I was referring to sorry should have added that. I have heard that in FUO a spinal tap is done but if there is no evedence of IICP or of nuchal ridigity, why would they do that? ( havnt had neuro yet, start it in two weeks) thanks again!
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    I am a student of practical nursing graduating in June and I have a question re: Hydronephrosis in the newborn. If a child is born with bilat dilation of the kidneys and then by the second year has only minimal dilation of the kidneys what would the appropriate nursing interventions be and what would the parents need to be taught to watch for, could this condition return and is this child now prone to kidney problems? I have spent a good deal of time researching it but am having difficulty finding info on hydronephrosis in pediatric patients any information, links ect would be very helpfull! Thanks!
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    difficult teacher (putting it nicely)

    i was critiqued as "caring to much" by my instructor. i was really baffeled and upset at first but i can kind of see where she is comming from ...... just do your best it wont last forever!!!!!

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