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    pay in south dakota

    My husband and i plan to move to south dakota in the next three years, probally rapid city area, not sure though. I live near pittsburgh, pa i've worked telemetry, icu for almost 10 years now. I was wondering the pay scale is comparable to what i am making now. Thankyou for any information.
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    Need help from ob nurses

    I have a friend that is living in Russia temporary due to her husbands job. They have been there since aug and will return home in dec. They have recently found they are pregnant, and are very happy about it. My friend is about 7-8 weeks. Through the american consulate she found a recommended english speaking doctor that did some blood testing and found her bilirubin is high, with some bacteria in the urine. The bilirubin concerns me. I am a cardiac nurse and have tried to give her advice, but i am not specialized with ob information. Plese help. I can tell you they said her gallbladder seems fine i believe they tested her amylase and lipase. What other reasons could there be for high bili and how concerned should she be? The levels are two weeks ago were 24.0 mcmol/l, and her direct bilirubin was 6.0 mcmol/l. With the retest on October 2, her total bilirubin was 26.4 mcmol/l, and her direct was 8.0. Thankyou
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    What do you do to take care of yourself???

    I'm new to great nutrition as well but i have kept it up for the last 10 months. I exercise 4 times a week no matter how tired i am. I drink lots of water, around a gallon a day. You have to find your thing! What's the thing that makes you tick. I'm a horse nut, i have three. For me nothing beats a bad day like grooming my buddies. When i pull into a drive after a bad day, i'm greeted by whinnies and nickers. They are my treasure. I tell them everything about my day and they just ask for a bite of a carrot or a rub down, no complaints that they need a load of wash done or a drive to the football game. You are worth it. We take care of people all day and rarely get a pat on the back, give yourself one and do something good for yourself.
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    What's your best weight loss tip?

    It's good that you have noticed this now. I recently lost 70lbs, i was overweight before i started nursing and it just got worst. I worked nights for a long time, so i raided the vending machines quite often as well as eating 3 big meals a day. When i had a bad day, it was nothing to finish a quart of ben and jerrys or a large bag of m and m's. I cut out the bad carbs and eat what i preach as a cardiac nurse to my patients. I went on the south beach diet but many other diet plans conform to this way of thinking. I also got serious about exercise, i bought myself and elliptical and exercise 4 x a week on it or run 5 miles when the weather is nice. Here's free information on southbeach with a great discussion forum. www.southbeachdietguide.com