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I have broadened my horizons now. This time in my 18 year old life is called "Patience". I am a very determined individual, and I strive to be the best I can be!

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  1. ConfusedStudent3

    A little scared....anyone feel this way?

    Hi, I'm Brittany, I haven't been on here in a while....soo....I'm a Senior in High School now, I'm dual enrolled in a Patient Care Tech program, and I'm (hopefully) going to have my CNA by January (cross fingers)....anyways, Friday was our first day at the local Nursing Home, we didnt do much work, just kind of introduced ourselves to the workers and residents.....and I loved it and I cant wait to go back and interact with them more....but theres one problem....for some reason, I'm so scared that I'm not going to be good at this....I'm scared I'll forget the skills I learned on the manicans in my class, and hurt someone while I'm working.....does everyone go through this?? I know I better get over it because when I hopefully get my RN one day, I cant be going through this!! Its kind of scary.......
  2. ConfusedStudent3

    Again I am confused and need help!

    Ok guys, I'm back again...and before I go into my big speal, I just wanted to inform you who know me that I finished my two classes I was working in. Intro to Health Care I got a 97% and Medical Terminology I got a 90%...and in hopefully in august ill be doing Patient Care Tech to reciece my CNA...anyways...I am again confused. I have been interacting at school with some mentally handicapped kids, and I must say, I am absoutly fascinated by them, not disrespectfully, and I have always been interested in mental health and psychology (I finally learned how to spell it!!) Anyways....my hopeful career path is a Pediatric RN because I love kids and I love working with them...sooo...I have alot of questions. This may be confusing, but if you can follow what I'm saying can you pleeease help! 1) What exactly is a pshychiatic nurse? 2) Where do they work? 3) Is there such thing as a Pediatric Pshychiatric Nurse? 4) What type of jobs can I get with a Bachelors degree in Psychology? Can you see where Im going? A friend of mine said a Psychiatric Nurse works in the "crazy home" im trying not to sound disrespectful but I cant think of anything else. Can I still be a nurse with a Bachelors in Psychology? Is there anyone like me! UGH! I hate being confused but Im so good at it! Im mainly just wanting to be clarified on some things so ANY information would help, espicially if you are a psychiatric nurse, or ANYTHING to do with this. Im sorry for the confusion, Im just a high school junior tryin to find my future. Thanks guys and agian, sorry for the confusion. Brittany
  3. ConfusedStudent3

    Can someone under 18 become a CNA?

    here is a website that i found that my help you...click on the first one offered for university of phoenix, cna train for tomorrow - get a medical assistant or health management degree
  4. ConfusedStudent3

    Can someone under 18 become a CNA?

    umm...yes you can be a cna if your under 18, i'm going to be one when im 17 through my high school program...i found out that your homeschooled...so that answeres my question about if your high school has a program...umm...i also see ads in the newspaper advertising cna courses you can take to recieve the liscense after taking the test. (i live in fl, but i'm sure you can still find something in the newspaper in nj) its best if you get in some type of program that does clinical work so you can have hands on expierence when you do get a job, rather than just studying the book. thats pretty much all i know...i cant wait till patient care tech next year to get my cna. good luck! brittany
  5. ConfusedStudent3

    Travel Nursing??

    i was just wondering if any of you all have traveled before as a nurse and what was it like? my friend and i, she's two years older than me and is planning to get a bsn and one day i'm planning to go for my adn, are planning to travel together for about a year or a year and a half or so, and i was just wanting some of you all's stories good and bad. thanks! brittany
  6. ConfusedStudent3

    CNA jobs and advice???

    hi, my name is brittany, i am 16 years old and a junior in high school, and as some of you know from reading my past posts, i am (hopefully) going to recieve my cna liscense by winter of next year, (my senior year) by doing patient care tech. in my high school. i was just wondering if any of you all who are cna's or has once been a cna throughout your career, is there any advice you can give me?...and...is there any where i can work besides nursing homes? thanks so much! brittany :smackingf
  7. ConfusedStudent3

    What can I do with this?

    I have now recieved my CPR card and First Aid card...yeah I know...nothing much...but I am 16 and recieved it through my high school program...but does that help me with any jobs? Where can it benefit me? If it even does at all...
  8. ConfusedStudent3

    Confused again...as usual...

    I was just wondering if it is true or not that an Associates Degree RN does not get as many jobs as a Bachelors Degree. I mean I know its obvious that a Bachelors Degree knows more...but do AA RNs really not get that many jobs?
  9. ConfusedStudent3

    Help with school project PLEASE!!

    Hi, I have a school project to do and I have to interview someone in the field I would like to go into. I need any RN to awnser these questions for me! Thank you so much! Its due in two days! 1) How many years have you been in this job? 2) What is your educational history? 3) If you had your educational years to live over again, what would you do diffrently? 4) What advice would you give me as I start my career? 5) What do you like best about your job? 6) What do you like least? 7) Do you forsee any career changes before you retire? 8) If so, to what part of the job? i.e. pediatrics, geatrics, cardiology... 9) What is the future outlook for this career in the job market? (idk what that means) 10) How much computer training is needed for this job? Your responses would be much appreciated! Thank you! Brittany
  10. ConfusedStudent3

    Help with how to get RN!

    Hi, I am a junior in High School, and I have finally found out what I want to do with my life...be a RN...now...I am really confused on how to go about getting my RN liscense. I am currently in Introduction to Health Care this is a 9 week course in my school, and next 9 wks, I am in Medical Terminology, then next year, my Senior year, I am going to be in Patient Care Tech, which is when our class goes to the Nursing Home and volunteers, then at the end of next year, I take the CNA exam, and hopefully get my CNA liscense...anyways...after graduation...what do I do to get my RN liscense? Do I have to get an AA degree before I go to my community college in the nursing program...or are the pre-req's included in the nursing program?...Gosh why does this have to be so confusing! All I want to do is be a RN!!!...oh...and I would love to specialize in Pediatrics...but how do i do that? Do I have to go to 2 or 4 more years of school to do that?...Please Help!