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    Why the Prejudice against LPNs

    I am a new grad RN and I work in a stepdown unit that uses LPN's. Our unit is Primary Care and our LPN's do everything we do except take orders off. I learn from the LPN's just as much as I do from RN's. Our entire facility utilizes LPN's this way. I think it is a shame that you have to deal with attitudes like that and you might want to see if there is another facility near you that shows respect to LPN's. Just thought you might like knowing that not all new grads treat LPN's like that and not all facilities either. We love our LPN's and have no intention of ever phasing them out.
  2. mersek

    RNs or CSTs...

    I am looking for an RN floor position in Cleveland, got anything around here?
  3. I am a new graduate with experience as a Nurses Aid on a Med/Surg - pediatrics and adults floor. I am looking for a position in Cleveland. I am very interested in Critical Care but I know I have to start at the ground level.