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raekaylvn has 10 years experience as a LVN and specializes in School Nurse, Peds HH, DD.

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  1. raekaylvn

    Other certifications, licenses?

    I'm currently in school to be a Health Educator. I can get a CHES certification (Community Health Education Specialist).
  2. raekaylvn

    Anyone Just Interested in Being an LPN, and not an RN

    I love being a LVN. I used to want to get my RN, but I honestly love what I do. I am going for a degree in Community Health Education. I work in a school and believe that'll be very beneficial for everyone. As a school nurse, I get to do a lot. Wouldn't change my job for anything.
  3. raekaylvn

    Should, I giveup?

    My second term of nursing school was a NIGHTMARE. It almost made me quit. My clinical instructor treated me like I was an idiot who knew nothing, tried to fail me, and so much more. By the time the next term rolled around, I realized the instructors from last term were just awful, and I really wasn't stupid and I knew things. I was one of the highest performers for the rest of the program. Your answers and statements were absolutely ok. Nursing school is about learning and expanding the way we think. I don't think you're stupid at all. I think its awful that you've been treated this way. Keep going and persevering. You're going to be an awesome nurse!
  4. raekaylvn

    School Nurse or Health Aide

    I'm a LVN and my technical job title is "Health Clerk ll", but I'm often called the nurse or site nurse. I'll tell parents that I'm the "nurse on site" daily, vs the District RN who covers multiple schools and is present 1-2x a week. The job description for Health Clerk ll is geared towards LVN/RN, but I just hate being called a clerk. Rubs me the wrong way.
  5. raekaylvn

    What's the biggest challenge being a school nurse?

    I'm also an LVN that works in our health office. The District RNs seem to be stressed all the time, dealing with health plans and other administrative things. I have thought about going back for my RN, but I honestly like where I am now. I am getting my bachelors, but not in nursing.
  6. This is exactly what i say
  7. raekaylvn

    Do you always send home after Vomiting 1x?

    Yes. District policy. However... if I suspect a student is lying about vomiting, I will make them sit in my office and I'll tell them that I or another staff member must physically see the vomit. Usually they say they're feeling better and go back to class.
  8. raekaylvn

    Music in your office?

    Yep! I usually have the KLOVE internet player on. Sometimes I'll switch it up and listen to something on iheartradio
  9. raekaylvn

    Essential Oils

    We're having HUGE issues with this. I had a handful of parent complaints to me due to essential oil use in the classrooms. Their kids would get headaches, migraines, asthma, allergic reactions... the worst part is our former PTC president sells Doterra and has been spreading all kinds of false information (it's natural so you can't be allergic, there aren't any proteins to cause reactions, essential oils are "scent free")... thankfully the principal has backed myself and the District RN up on this issue, but its been a battle for sure.
  10. raekaylvn

    Weird reasons to come to school nurse?

    "My mom read me a book when I was a baby, and now I'm dizzy"
  11. raekaylvn

    Physical Therapy

    So, my little patient was referred for in-home PT about a month ago. He's very stiff, and they figured the therapist could help with that. The PT has come out a few times and I'm not there when she visits. But foster mom fills me in on the sessions. I'm very concerned that my patient isn't getting proper therapeutic care, and that the therapist is over stepping her bounds. These are some of the things I've been told: - the baby can roll over now, so when he rolls over during a diaper change, he's doing it to get away from foster mom because he doesn't like her - he throws fits & cries because he doesn't feel secure with foster mom & for no other reason (mom was really upset after this visit...) - PT doesn't do any exercises with the baby. Just tells foster mom what to do - PT focuses on things like: oral play, getting baby to understand "up" and reach to be picked up, tracking objects with eyes, keeping baby from rolling in sleep... Am I right to be concerned about this? I don't think I have any power to change anything, but none of that seems related to therapy to me...
  12. raekaylvn

    Sleeping with HMEs (Trach noses) safe?

    I've had 2 peds trach patients. 1 wore the HME 24/7 with no issue. The other wears it while off the most collar. I will let him sleep with it on for a couple hours if necessary. I supervise of course. He never has an issue.
  13. raekaylvn

    2013 LPN PAY???

    Northern California here. Pediatric Home Health... not much else in my area and I've only really had peds experience since graduating in '08. I'm making $17/he with $1/hr diff for NOC hours from 10pm-6am.
  14. I was let go from my 1st PDN case in August. The whole week surrounding it was just plain crazy! I had what I thought was a fantastic working relationship with the mom, and it was a dual-peds case... I had the kids down pat. One of the little ones had been having a rough time with seizure activity, so we had all been under an enormous amount of stress for about 6 weeks leading up to this event. Basically what happened was I noticed the mom withdrawing & giving me the cold shoulder. She was cordial, but nothing more. Spoke only to me if absolutely necessary. Highly abnormal for her. This went on for 3 days. On the 3rd day, she approached me in the kitchen on her way out (with one of her foster kids in tow mind you), and things turned hostile. She started verbally lashing out at me. Told me that I couldn't handle both kids, that I had a problem with her other kids, that she didn't feel like she could call me in early, and it went on & on... it ended with me in tears, giving a half-hearted defense of myself and her suggesting 3 times that "maybe I should find a new case because I need to do whats best for me and she needs to do whats best for her". Then she left. It was nuts!!! The next day I spoke with my supervisor and let her know what happened and she was floored! I guess less than 3 hours before she went hostile on me, she had been on the phone with my supervisor telling her that she was worried I was unhappy and that I was going to leave the case, so she wanted a solution to make it so I stayed. I asked for the rest of the week off (which was 2 days) to think things over and make a decision. The mom kept texting me. At first it was things like "I'm sorry if I was harsh but it needed to be said". Which progressed to "I heard you're not coming in tomorrow, I hope you're ok!". And then longer, more detailed messages. I didn't have a chance to make a decision on my own. I got a call from my supervisor the next day telling me that the mom had asked for me not to return because she felt that she only used a tone & it shouldn't have upset me. I think I actually laughed when she told me that. The agency has to respect the parents wishes, and by that time I was so over the whole situation. I've been reassigned, I was actually reassigned within a week. It was a brand new case that took a while to get open, but they had me on it quickly. The new case is great! I have less migraines, less stress, more sleep (even though its NOC shift) & no one yells at me! The mom from the other case has contacted me a couple times since I left. We chat lightly about surface level stuff over text every month or so, & things are patching up between us. I personally don't think she ever really intended for things to end the way they did. The stress of the little ones seizures took its toll on everyone. I hate leaving things without closure as well. I never would've talked with her, but she initiated the contact. I just keep it light-hearted talk.
  15. raekaylvn

    Acute Care Experience?

    Its been such a long time since I've posted here! Its nice to be back :) Anywho... question for all my fellow HH nurses! I graduated back in '08 with my LVN. I've been working in CA off and on since in HH. I started with intermittent visits with adults and geriatrics, and ended up with single cases in peds. Well, I'm currently between cases with my agency, and its not looking promising that I'll be put on a new one anytime soon. Being a one car family, and having an infant, I can't travel far and leave my wonderful stay-at-home husband stranded for too long in case of an emergency. There's another local agency and they were advertising for an intermittent position with adults/geriatrics. I figured I'd inquire and switch things up again. I was told (rather rudely as well) that my 4 years of HH experience, including the intermittent visit experience was all moot, and Medicare requires all LVN's to have 1 year of acute care experience. I've never heard of this! I know about the 1 year of general experience rule to work in HH, but not acute care. I even spent a good hour searching on google and couldn't find a single thing! Is this a newer regulation???
  16. raekaylvn

    Switching Careers After only 1 yr

    I graduated from LVN school 3 years ago. After nearly 2 years of LVN work, and trying to finish pre-reqs to bridge into an RN program, I'm done. It seems like an endless battle, for a job thats becoming more dangerous, more political and more thankless. As of April 1st, I'll be starting a elementary education program, and I'll be a teacher before I would've finished an ADN program. I love the medical field, but at the end of the day, when push comes to shove, I don't want to spend 12 hours a day in a hospital. I'd much rather have the satisfaction of knowing I'm making a difference in kids lives. I honestly wish I had never wasted my time in LVN school.