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  1. JsmnLyd84

    what would you do

    thanks y'all..i'll definitely take that into consideration when it comes time to apply....one of my big concerns is that if i had taken a spot in an lvn program and then left in the middle of the prgram for a spot in a bsn program, that lvn spot i had taken at first, could have gone to someone that would have completed to program b/c it was their first choice and on one hand i would feel terrible if i inadvertantly prevented someone from acheiving their dream of being a nurse....but then i'd also feel bad if i declined an acceptance and didn't get into any other program......this is one of the reasons i had been wishy-washy about going into nursing in the first place...but the mor i think about it, the more i wanna go for it:)
  2. JsmnLyd84

    what would you do

    there are 3 different programs i am interested in, a bsn, adn, and lvn program.....based on the application deadlines, start dates and pre reqs...there is a chance i could get into the lvn program (no pre reqs needed, just cpr cert and heb b vax) and actually start before finding out if i got into the bsn prgram (1st choice, but willing to start as an lnv and transition up to bsn)....which brings me to my question: if you found out that you had been accepted to your first choice program after starting at one of your alternate choices, would you jump on board and see if any of the nursing courses you had taken would be transferable or (depending on how much time you had left in your current program) finish the prgram that you were already in and reapply to your first choice for the following semester/year?
  3. JsmnLyd84

    utmb summer program

    is anyone in here in or familiar with utmb's summer bsn program (or fall)? if so what are your thoughts/feelings about the class load/ clinicals/ etc?
  4. JsmnLyd84

    which school(s) and how long?

    what school(s) is (are?) y'all hoping for? I'm hoping that if i gets A's in the rest of my pre reqs (the minimum gpa science requiment is a 3.0 so i'm gonna shoot for a 4.0), it will boost my overall GPA to increase my odds. I really wanna get into UTMB...if i get accepted into the summer (i guess that would be the express program) i would start may of 2010 and -hopefully- be done august 2011 or if i get into the fall 2010 program, i would be done spring of 2012 and then there are a couple of local ccs i would apply to for either an ADN program or LVN and then possibly transistion to getting a BSN
  5. JsmnLyd84

    just curious

    I'm a junior psych student at UHCL...I'm thinking that after I finish my bs in psych....of maybe going for a nursing degree and possible working in mental health nursing and was wondering what some of y'all's thoughts/experiences have been like