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  1. VA 72/80 schedule

    I work for the VA ER in Las Vegas, and our unit is considering the 72/80 schedule. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, do you like it? What are some of the pros and cons? Also, how does the AL and SL work when you take leave? Do yo...
  2. VA 72/80 schedule

    Thanks for your reply. I am referring to how AL and SL are deducted when you take leave on a 72/80 schedule. I have been reading that if you work a 72 hour schedule with the VA, that they deduct 1.111 hours of AL for every 1 hour taken. So if you...
  3. Triage Pain Protocols

    I work in a large, busy, urban ER where patient's often experience extensive waits before physician evaluation. We are currently working on establishing a protocol that would allow us to administer pain medication in triage before the patient sees th...
  4. Morphine shortage?

    I sometimes wish there were a Dilaudid shortage. We could post a sign in triage and reduce our daily census by at least 25%.
  5. Good triage stories

    Just a couple of days ago, I was asking a a patient about his allergies. He replied, "I am allergic to the wind." I kept a straight face and asked what kind of reaction he has. His response, "it gives me the chills".
  6. Conscious Sedation in the ER

    I live and work in Nevada and under our state BON, RNs may administer medication for the purpose of induction of short-term therapeutic, diagnostic or procedural sedation. There is no limit on the type or route of the medication. There are several ...
  7. Last Name on ID Badges

    In the state of Nevada, the Board of Nursing requires that badges worn by nurses must show the first name and last initial only. The hospital cannot override that requirement.

    I was never taught the arm raise either. I was taught that the IV should be an 18 or 20 gage in the AC if possible (large vessel closer to the heart). I usually have a 3 or 12 lead running too, just bacause it is cool to look at when you have a suc...
  9. Stupidest reason to go to ER

    A few days ago I saw "Hungry" as the complaint.
  10. hospitals with best benefits in Las Vegas

    I completely agree. UMC has great benefits - full pension, longevity bonuses (big check annually after 8 years based on percentage of pay). There are docs, residents, RT, Lab techs, Radiology 24/7. When a code is called on the floor (even on grav...
  11. Salary range for New grads in Las Vegas

    Salary is not the only thing you should be considering when applying as a new grad. What about sign on bonuses, medical benifits, retirement, longevity pay, and even more important - staffing ratios, training, probationary periods? Some hospitals ...
  12. Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    "1 Liter NS, IV Push" I am still looking for a syringe large enough for that order.
  13. Paying back $100, 000 back in loans

    ooooh! What a great idea. It almost makes me want to go back to school. Ha Ha!!
  14. TMCC Drug Calculation Test

    When I went to UNLV, we had to take a math exam each semester and pass with a 90%. I think that we had at least two attempts at the test though. From what I here, this is pretty much the norm for most nursing programs. Don't stress about it thoug...
  15. NG tube placement

    I probably do at least one or two a day. Sometimes the docs or residents will place an OG tube after they intubate, but it is usually the nurses. We are a teaching hospital too with a lot of nursing students, new grads, residents and interns, and t...
  16. Acinetobacter vs. Acinobacter

    I hope this has not already been discussed ad nauseam, but my hospital recently had issues with acinetobacter that have been brought under some control through 1:1 ratios, and in the way in which our patients are transported through the hospital for ...
  17. If you have computer charting...

    We use a computer charting system in our ER called EMSTAT, and it allows more than one person to chart on the same patient at the same time. In fact if you are watching the screen, it will update as new information is entered. I love the system and...