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  1. EB 3 Visa times?

    Suzanne, now you see that overnight miracles still happen. Retrofression is OVER, even is for two months still it will help most of us!!!! Good luck to all. Wow, what is a news!!!:balloons: :balloons: :balloons:
  2. International Nurses green card issue

    Susanne, If Visa Bulletin for EB3 moves as it did for the last two months, then EB3 may become current before November. So there is another chance before CIR is passed. Lets all pray for EB3 become current.
  3. Visa Screen photos (dumb question)

    I put my name on top of the front of the photo. I had some space on top of my head. It is not really readable, but when i got my VS i saw few letters of the name on the photo that was placed on the VS. There is supposed to be a little light space on ...
  4. EAD soon to expire.....need advise, pls

    starbin, did yo get your new EAD? If no, do you keep working? Please update
  5. EB-3 to EB-2

    After they do their training on J1 visa and pass Board, then can they apply for GC based on EB2? Is that right? Just wonder as my sister-in law is a pediatrician overseas. I wonder where can i find an information for her pathways to the US.
  6. EB-3 to EB-2

    Suzanne, does it mean MD with Master's can apply for GC? I wonder why they go through H1B if they can apply for GC.
  7. Why can't I find a job?

    I would recommend you to try FL state. PA is a very concervative state even for american citizens. Some facilities in NJ are well educated about hiring foreign nurses. Also there is a lot of hospitals in CA that would not mind to hire you for as long...
  8. Immigration Issues That You Need To Be Aware Of

    I personally know a nurse who has applied for AOS in August and got her GC in October. Her husband is affected by retrogression though.
  9. Advance Parole......Lets Talk About It

    Well, I am going for two weeks. I dont know for how long one can be gone. But if your employer sponsors you green card and you get EAD, I dont think you can earn longer vacation within the first year. I can only take 2 weeks vacation. I dont have any...
  10. Advance Parole......Lets Talk About It

    Well, my ticket is booked. I depart in May. So I'll let you know. I am not too concerned. If they dont want me here, cool, Ill make my life at home. Good luck
  11. Advance Parole......Lets Talk About It

    Let me ask you a question. You said two copies, why? Do they take one when you arrive to the US. How many entries youa re allowed to make on AP? Thank you!
  12. Saleries in central Florida

    Well, at least we know that housing prices went up, but the salary stays almost the same. I make 19.00 in Central Florida as anRN. (a new grad) Barely make my life. Trying to get PRN job. Good luck!!!
  13. Private Duty Nursing

    I work in a hospital but also want to do private duty nursing to be my second job. IS that possible. What do i have to do for that? Does anyone know?
  14. RN working under OPT

    Hi there, Let's hope that Schedule A relief will come sooner than your OPT gets expired. That way you can file I-140 and I-485 within 60 days after June 30, 2007. Yes, you can submit your I-140 anytime even if the priority is 2004 at this time. You n...
  15. "recaptured" 50,000 numbers for Schedule A

    So what is going to happen with those AOS's aplicants? My AOS is under the final decision. It has been reviewed and after all my additionally requested documents were sent, the process has been resumed... (the status says so). Where such people are i...