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  1. Hi,

    I've read your blog and would really value your advice. I am currently working on a large cardiothoracic critical care unit as a band 6 nurse and I have an interview next week for a band 7 post on the same unit (we have 7 or 8 band 7s currently). I have to give an interview and a presentation on " What Role does Leadership play in creating and maintaining a positive organisational culture?"

    I have outlined what makes a positive organisational culture, focussed on transformational leadership and tried to relate it back to our unit. Am I on the right track?



    R x

    1. XB9S


      Hi sorry I've not replied sooner, I've been on holiday.  Sounds like you are on the right track, you can talk about attitude, role modelling, promoting positivity in a difficult environment.  


      Whilst transformational leadership may be your style it's worth recognising that sometimes you may be required to adapt that into a more direct and instructive style depending on the situation.  For example if you think of emergencies you would be giving clear instructions and direction to your team because that's what's needed.  


      I love Shakletons (explorer) style of leadership, crisis managment at it's best, and that is kind of what we do in the NHS every day.  If you have time have a look at some of the work around his leadership 


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