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    How to become RN in British Columbia?

    Hi! I just want to ask some questions about the application forms.. My sister graduated & become a RN in the Philippines last 2007. She and my parents are currently living in Vancouver since May this year. We're just confused about the note on page 5 of form 16 asking for info about her nursing employers whether it is paid or unpaid. I've read from the past threads that this is pertaining to Canadian employers ONLY. Since she arrived in Canada a few months ago, she has not yet been employed there. But she volunteered for 10 mos in a clinic in our province, 4 mos in a tertiary hospital in Manila and did training in another hospital for 3 mos in QC. She even have IVT & BLS license. She already calculated her total hours worked for 2007 & 2008. But she got stuck in the questions about the nsg employers. Is she still require to submit the form 37 to those institution or not? Another questions is she didn't put any institution recepient of her IELTS score because she wants to be sure that she passed first before submitting it to any institution. Is she supposed to pass her copy of the results or arranged it to where she apply for the test? Thanks in advance.