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  1. Hello, I would like to know if you have some ideas on how non-residents/other cultures/Aboriginals are being disadvantaged by the Australian healthcare system. Would appreciate your input, especially if you have valid references. Thanks!
  2. smoochie05

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    I know they will but it will take time. Haha. Let us hope before the year ends.
  3. smoochie05

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Not yet too. Anyway, what did tbe HR tell you?
  4. smoochie05

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Hi, frizzy43. We might have been on the same boat. Have you been scheduled for a panel interview already? Thanks.
  5. Is it true that we can apply for STUDENT VISA for BP? What are the chances for approval? TIA! :) Any successful experiences?
  6. smoochie05

    Help please... Endorsing fr. California to texas

    I just wanted to ask if Tx will send the temporary license at home ( I reside in the Philippines, Ca passer). I already have taken and passed the jurisprudence exam. Is it alright, because I dont have my temporary license yet; nonetheless according to BON website, I just lacked the criminal background check and the nursing jurisprudence exam pass. They received my card on 2/28/12. Will the ten-day lapse after receipt of the card applies? I am worrying that I have taken the exam earlier, and might be invalid. Thank you.
  7. iamnomad, what credentials did you pass aside from the work credentials you had in US? Thanks!
  8. Hi. I just want to know what ceridwyn said in one of the threads regarding the 24-week bridging program in Western Australia which does not require AHPRA. DOes this only apply to US-registered nurses? Thank you.
  9. Hi. I am cum laude newly grad who had just sit the philippine local board this june 6 and 7. Now i am waiting for the results. Is there an institution [vicinity of QC/Manila] where they cater newly grads [still without license] who can act as volunteers, primarily for the purpose of earning an experience? Any comment will be highly appreciated.
  10. smoochie05

    taking MN to become an RN

    hello. i am planning to take up master of nursing program at griffith university at gold coast after i have graduated from BSN this april. i am from the philippines. i wanted to know if the master of nursing program at griffith university would make me eligible to practise as an RN at australia. after finishing MN at griffith, would i be eligible for registration as a nurse? thank you so much. pls reply.
  11. smoochie05

    all about residency in australia

    hi. my friend who is a rn here in the philippines went to australia to study diploma in nursing.. after her diploma in nursing she will then study master of nursing there to be a rn. If she stayed there for 2 yrs (because of 18 mos of diploma and remaining for masters degree) , is she already eligible for residency although she still studying her masters degree? Or she must finished first her masters degree and be an rn before she can apply for residency? thank you
  12. hi. I just want to ask, is it possible to work as an Endorsed enrolled nurse (EEN) even though i haven't studied diploma in nursing in australia but i have my bachelors of nursing degree here in the philippines? i'm planning to take my master of nursing there so that i will be eligible for registration as a rn.. but the course is too expensive and working as an EEN will help me finance my studies.. if it's possible to work as an EEN there although i have my Bachelors degree here, what are the steps can i carry out? thanx