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  1. Hi! I was one of the many nurses who got their job offers withdrawn this past spring/summer from Mayo Clinic. I have not given up the dream of working there, and am willing to wait as long as it takes for things (the economy) to turn around. I was just wondering if anyone has any insight on when Mayo Clinic may start hiring again? Thanks!
  2. penny2009

    ATI Experience

    What's the best way to prepare for ATI exams? My school switched from ERI to ATI this year, and I really don't know what to expect. In the next two weeks, I have to take the Newborn, Pediatric, Pharmacology, and Leadership exams, so obviously, I am kinda stressing! I have read all the study guides and have done the practice assessments, but how helpful are the DVDs? I have watched some already, but I know the Peds one is hours upon hours long! =) I am willing to suffer through them, if they will help. Any suggestions or advice??? I greatly appreciate it!
  3. penny2009

    How long did you stay in school?

    Ha ha - I got you both beat! I will graduate with my BSN next May (2009), after being in school for 8 years! I was almost finished with a different degree, but was so unhappy. I realized nursing was my calling and switched majors. It was the best decision of my life! Yeah, it stinks because I feel like I have been in school forever, and my friends like to make fun of me, but when I think about my future as a RN, it makes it all worth it!
  4. penny2009


    I currently work as a CNA in a hospice facility and absolutely LOVE it. Seriously, it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Yeah, there are moments were it is difficult, but each and every day, I can walk out the door knowing that in some small way, the compassion I extended towards my patients made their final days a little better. I don't know if I will ever do Hospice nursing, but it has definitely opened my eyes to the possibility. However, it's making me strongly consider oncology...
  5. penny2009

    cna skill question, please help

    Peri care was one of the skills I was tested on during my state exam. I basically brought in a stack of washcloths because I wanted to have too many, instead of not enough. After switching areas of the cloth for each stroke, I got myself a new one, instead of just rinsing the used one. And I definitely got a new one before doing the back... At work, we use wipes that are thrown away, so it's great - I can use as many as my heart desires! I don't know if this helped at all....good luck!
  6. penny2009

    For those that wanted Drug lists.

    Me, too!!! Pretty please! Thank you soo much!
  7. penny2009

    How does not having a life pay off?

    I don't actually start nursing school until August, but I know that for the next two years, I will focus 100% on studying and will not be having a life...but then again, I don't really have much of a life right now!!!
  8. penny2009

    What I Love About Nursing Is....

    I love this thread!!! It's such a refreshing change to focus on all the wonderful, positive aspects to this profession! I won't officially be a nurse for a few years, but everyday, I get more and more excited!
  9. penny2009

    UAMS or U of A - Fayetteville?

    Does anyone have any insight to either of these nursing programs? Right now I am planning on starting in the fall in Fayetteville, but I am wondering if maybe transferring to UAMS would be more beneficial in the long run? My main concern is getting the best experience and education possible.
  10. penny2009

    I am freaking out! Please advise...

    Thanks for the responses so far. I looked at our Board of Nursing site and saw that my school had a passing rate of 90.7% for 2005 and 69.0% for 2006. That's a little discouraging. The other school I was/am considering had a passing rate of 92.5% and 87.1% for the same time periods. If I actually do decide to transfer, I would have to take a year off to finish with one prereq. Does anyone think that that one year off would be a negative thing? I know one of the posts above mentioned using the time off towards my advantage. Any thoughts...
  11. Okay, here's my dilemma. I am scheduled to start nursing school this fall at my university, and I am wondering whether it is a huge mistake. Lately, there has been a bunch of rumors going around regarding how low the pass rate (for NCLEX) is for our graduates. Apparently it's only been like 30%, so basically my program is on the verge of losing its accreditation unless it makes some serious improvements in the next few months. That leaves me wondering what I am supposed to do! I am seriously a basket-case because obviously most nursing schools needed their applications in already for this coming fall. If I would have known the program was this horrible, I would have never applied here, but I figured I would just get my BSN at the college I started my original degree in. So, here our my options. 1.) Stay in my current situation and pray that it gets better. Although I realize it may mean that my education is not the best quality. 2.) Transfer to another school in Arkansas (UAMS) but I wouldn't be able to start until Summer 2008 because they only have one new class per year and I am missing organic chemisty. 3.) Move up to Minnesota and go to nursing school up there (My dream is to work at Mayo Clinic). But once again, I would have to take a year off because there is no way I can meet the application deadline. or 4.) ????? Honestly, I have nothing holding me back, so technically I could move anywhere in the country for nursing school, so that is not an issue. I just want the BEST education I can get, so I am just as qualified as everyone else. And as I mentioned above, I want to work at Mayo so badly, it seriously hurts! I could always move up there this summer and gain residency before fall 2008. I hate to take a year off, but if it means a better school, it might not be the worst thing in the world. I just hate it because I have been in college for 6 years and have nothing to show for it. I just switched to nursing last summer and I know that it's my true calling, so obviously I don't want anything to take away that dream. This is all so frustrating because I had everything planned out perfectly and this just exploded in my face. Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated. I apologize for the length of this, but I am in desperate need for advice!
  12. penny2009

    New CNA - any advice?

    Thanks Jay! You post was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. You put it in such wonderful, beautiful terms, and I really do appreciate it. You sound like an absolute wonderful person - our profession is lucky to have someone like you. :)
  13. penny2009

    New CNA - any advice?

    I am starting CNA classes next week, and I am dealing with some mixed feelings. I am excited because I am a pre-nursing student and it should provide some valuable learning experiences. However, on the other hand, I could use some reassurance. All I hear about/read about is horror stories regarding how awful the work is. I know it is going to be a tough job and not everyday is going to be fabulous, but I just would like to hear some positive input. My training is being paid for by the LTC, so I am required to work at least 6 months for them and I don't want it to be absolutely miserable... Thanks.