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  1. MelissaCT

    Littmann Master Classic II???

    I have that scope (well I now have 3 Littmann's but that is another story) and it's great for general purposes.
  2. MelissaCT

    Labor and Delivery Stethoscope

    hi trish, i used to work in l&d; i had a littman master classic ii (single sided). it was great for heart/lungs/bp's. whenever i needed to examine a baby, i used the littmann neonatal scopes that were always secured to the warmers. you could use the mcii on a baby also, but you would hear lung sounds and heart sounds at the same time, as the diaphragm is technically too big.
  3. MelissaCT

    Best scope for noisy environment?

    I am finally replying to my own question (there was a glitch w/ my account for a while there and I could not post any new threads or responses). I purchased a Littmann Master Cardiology, and IMHO it's the best of both worlds: flat scope and great sound quality. I like the flat ones better.........I think I can hear heart sounds a bit better than w/ my Card III and no problems w/ BP's at all.
  4. Hi. I am a nurse practitioner who recently signed up for an EMT class to help with my comfort level in responding to emergencies...in a noisy environment, what kind of stethoscope do you like to use? I have 2 here that I use in an ambulatory care setting, depending which exam room I am in: A Littman master classic (1 sided) which seems to be great for BP but not as good for heart sounds, and a Littman Cardiology III (the 2 sided kind) which is great for heart and lungs but sometmies not so great for BP. ?? Thanks,
  5. MelissaCT

    Thoughts on working at a minute clinic for your first job?

    hi sally, i started out in a retail clinic for my first np job. i knew there would be many things i wouldn't see/treat due to the limited scope of practice in that setting, however as i new grad i also didn't want to be overwhelmed beyond belief! i worked with a great group of np's who were only a phone call away. when i felt i was at a point where i wanted more experience (and an environment with on-site colleagues), i changed jobs. i was upfront w/ my new employer about my work experience and what i felt my weaker areas were, and everything worked out!! feel free to pm me.
  6. MelissaCT

    Docs threatened by rise of NP clinic...

    Per their website...the standards are based on evidence based practice. Eg, antibiotics: Based on Sanford guidelines, AAP, AAFP, etc. Pts are counseled to fill rx at any pharmacy.
  7. MelissaCT


    Thank you! It took one day short of 4 weeks! I guess now is their busy time, and plus they are a bit unorganized, I would venture to guess. When myself and my friends applied to take the exam, someone who applied after me got her authorization to test before I did, and then after we all took it, I got my results BEFORE someone who took the test a week before me.
  8. MelissaCT


    Did you buy it online? When you get it (or if you have it already) less us know what you think!
  9. MelissaCT


    Got my official results this week! Whew! BTW: AANP exam has 150 test questions, I think 15 are sample?
  10. MelissaCT


    Hmm, the Fitzgerald class said it's usually 2-3 weeks. Maybe that's just the average. But I need that piece of paper to move on with my life! And my job!
  11. MelissaCT


    Oh, I know! I felt the 30 seconds it took to say pass/fail took 5 years off of my life! CONGRATS! I'm still waiting for my official results....tomorrow means it's been 3 weeks! A small part of my brain is worrying my prelim results will be wrong!
  12. MelissaCT

    Studying for the Boards

    I took the AANP family exam on 6/23 and have a preliminary pass result. I think taking the Fitzgerald course really helped! And I listened to CD's too. Good luck!
  13. MelissaCT

    FNP....in hospitals.....in L&D?

    I work in L&D as a nurse...I don't know of any NP's that do deliveries. Or PA's for that matter. Just docs and midwives. FNP's do prenatal care in the office, but no deliveries.
  14. MelissaCT

    Taking AANP in 1 week!

    Any tips? I'm taking it earlier than anticipated, because of a job offer. I've been studying hard since graduation: practice tests, review books. Took the Fitzgerald live review course, listening to the Fitzgerald CD's for the 3rd time around now. Any other hints? :) Melissa
  15. MelissaCT

    ANCC or AANP Exam - Which to take???

    Has anyone taken either of these RECENTLY? As in 2006? :)