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Surgical (pre and post op)
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cherryamesfan specializes in Surgical (pre and post op).

I've been a nurse for many years in various roles. No other family members were nurses but I grew up ready Cherry Ames and Sue Barton and became interested in Nursing; oh . . I also put bandages on dolls!

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  1. cherryamesfan

    Tulsa-- where to get CPR trained?

    CPR classes - Don't know if you found a class yet - but you may want to contact the Tulsa chapter of American Heart Association - 918-747-8254 or you may want to call Saint Francis Hospital at 494-2200 and ask for the Education department. I know they run classes frequently.
  2. cherryamesfan

    ? about St. Francis

    Hey there! I work at Saint Francis with PCT and PCT-nursing students. I don't know if this is too late - but the PCT nursing students qualify for the job once they complete their first semester of nursing school. Not sure about pay - somewhere $10 - $11 plus diffs. You can work 'ecb' as needed and manager is usually very flexible with students. The neat thing is that I have seen PCT nursing students that then become a Nurse Extern when they run the nurse extern programs and then to a New Graduate. Great way to get into the area(s) that you are interested to work in as a grad.
  3. cherryamesfan

    externships in the tulsa area?

    Hi! I am an RN at Saint Francis. I have worked with Nurse Externs here for a while. I know they have an Extern program at different times during the year. You have to be in your final year of your program. The summer program seems to be the best one - you can work 2 different units. In order to work on the floors before your last year you get great experience working as a Patient Care Tech-nursing student. You can go to the hospital website career center to apply. Hope this is helpful.
  4. cherryamesfan

    MO student seeking employment in Tulsa after graduation

    This may be way out of timing for you but speaking as an RN at Saint Francis, having worked around new graduates a long time... normally the Tulsa hospitals don't 'buy out' scholarships directly however most all offer a sign on bonus which grads use to 'pay off' the debt to the original hospital. The sign on bonus is given shortly after getting the RN in Oklahoma. The buying out of scholarships is interpreted in several hospitals as a counterproductive philosophy. The hospital wants to encourage commitment in their scholarshipped students. Although it is very hard to know 2 years before you graduate, where you will want to work! Tuition reimbursement benefit at Saint Francis is very generous and I know that they work off their commitment (most of it) while they are going through school. Hope this helps.:)
  5. cherryamesfan

    camp nursing.

    Hello camp nurse 2004. Many years ago I was a camp nurse for Camp Washington in Litchfield Hills, CT. It was an Episcopalian camp and we had lots and lots of kids different ages. Sometimes the camp counselors were tougher patients for me than the kiddos! Now I live in Oklahoma as a nurse but my family still lives in CT!
  6. cherryamesfan

    Relocating to Tulsa

    You're right on - babynurselsa! That's about right. "awsmrn" - take into account the number of hours you 'average' working per week and multiply x52 to get an ave number of yearly hours worked. Then when you take your annual pay you can divide by the right number of hours worked. I think sometimes people don't realize their hourly rate really is related to whether they are working 3-12s/week or 5/8s a week. You can tell I've worked a lot of hours! A good website to compare monies in moving is www.homefair.com