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  1. nedrager

    Foundation Medical Staffing advice

    thank you for the information, it was most helpful
  2. nedrager

    Foundation Medical Staffing advice

    Hi all, so I'm thinking about jumping on board with Foundation Medical and was wondering if any of you have worked for Foundation or are currently working for them? If so I would like your opinion on them or what are some of the things I need to wat...
  3. Hi, does anyone work at this prison or know anything about what it's like to work there? I have an opportunity with this facility. and know absolutley nothing about it. Working conditions, dangers, fellow staff, exposure to the inmates, good or bad...
  4. nedrager

    Canadian wanting to work in HI

    Great question! I would do it in one of three ways. Hawaii is a walk-through state so you can show up at the board of nursing in Hawaii and walk out that afternoon with your licence provided, of course, that you show your MN licence. Or you can call ...
  5. nedrager

    Canadian wanting to work in HI

    You don't have to sit the CGFNS only the NCLEX. Here's a link to an agency that can help you out: http://www.healthstaff.org/. I talked with them recently about relocating to Canada and they said they specialize in relocating nurses to both USA and...
  6. Hi, a travel opportunity just came up for me at this hospital in Riverside. I haven't heard anything about this hospital and i'm hoping someone who works there or has traveled there has an opinion....good or bad, don't be shy. It will be day shifts...
  7. nedrager

    Where would YOU live in California?

    Northern Cal all the way bro. Bay area and anywhere north from there is great! I work in the Napa Valley and love it!
  8. Hi there, I'm moving to Washington and have been thinking of getting into correctional nursing for some time. I don't know anything about it, or where the preferable jails/prisons are. I know none are "preferable" however I know some are much worse...
  9. nedrager

    Advice for a local boy returning to the islands

    Yes, part of the reason I want to go back is that my family can hook me up with a place to stay and a car for free until I get my feet on the ground.
  10. Hey island nurses, I've been on the mainland waaaaay to long and I'm thinking of coming back to Oahu where I grew up. My whole family is still back there but I don't know anything about the nursing scene on Oahu or how it compares to the mainland. ...
  11. nedrager

    Canadian wanting to work in HI

    After passing the NCLEX in Hawaii, if you want to travel to another state and practice you have to fill out a "Licensure by Endorsement" form. Unlike Canada where you would have to sit the boards for every province you want to practice in, the US is...
  12. nedrager

    Prison nurses, opinions please

    Hi all, I'm thinking about becoming a prison nurse here in Oregon and I'm looking for some opinions such as: how do you like your job? Which prison offers better working conditions, how are the benefits, and anything else you'd like to share with a p...
  13. nedrager

    Agency nursing in Oregon

    Very common at all the Legacy hospitals. 10a-10p, 2 or 3p to 2/3a is also not unheard of. I've never worked Providence but I've heard they have those unusual shifts also...
  14. Hi everyone, I'm REALLY interested in hemodialysis. I live in Hood River but the Portland commute is something I do anyway. Any of you guys do HD or might know of a job out there? I'll need training but I've been in ER and Tele for a few years so ...
  15. nedrager

    Agency nursing in Oregon

    I work for Maxum and Intelistaff and have had no problems. Days are harder to come by (of course) Evenings are something I do a lot of as well (11a-11p ect.) I do get cancelled a fair amount which is a serious pain...however, I rarely do nights so t...
  16. I've checked with Maxium and Intellistaf and neither one does AMC in Portland. I'd like to do this hospital for registry not as staff. Anyone work there for registry? Which one? Maybe there's a bonus for ya' for bringing me on board? -Lance