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  1. aybhimeds


    Good Day!!! could anyone help me regarding the SSN# when applying for the licensure in the Oregon? What will i write in the application form? Will leave it blank? Because I still don't have it. Thanks!!!
  2. aybhimeds

    im confused...

    Good day!!! im applying for the CA license, what will i do if i don't have a SSN#? if i pass the exam, is that the time they will give me a SSN#?
  3. aybhimeds

    California licensure application

    good day!!!! can you help me in applying for my application in california. i already sent my transcript and other forms to my school, but i still have with me my application form and i dont know ghow to get a fingerprint card. im a bit confuse regarding this matter.... can you help me understand this. thank you very much!