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Diabetes, Primary care
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iriska_meller specializes in Diabetes, Primary care.

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    Prescribing Medical Marijuana

    I live in a state that has legalized medical marijuana. I can take a class for a few hundred $ and become licensed to prescribe it. I practice mostly inpatient, but have a part time gig in primary care Anyone has any experience with this? On one hand, I would love to be able to help my patients better, and I see many battling serious pain issues. On the other, I don't want to get a "rep" of "that doc that prescribes weed". I am also concerned that obtaining this license is an invitation for the state to pay closer attention to your practice, inviting more audits and such. Please share your thoughts!
  2. iriska_meller

    Toileting Bariatric Patients

    The most recent... A very obese man, and he needed a urinal, but could not reach the area himself (abdomen in the way...). In addition, he either had a "peekaboo" penis or it was hiding somewhere in the layers of fat. So I lift the gown and look... and I see nothing. Nothing that tells me where I should aim. Being that the guy is totally alert, I can't just start poking around looking for it... I almost asked "where is it" but bit my tongue soon enough. I was SO embarrassed.
  3. To the family member #8 of the same patient, who comes to the nursing station for the umpteenth time with the same question: "Which doctor can I talk to about my mother's condition?" "The Medical Examiner!!!"