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  1. Congratulations to all boardpassers!!! WE finally made it as RNs!!! yipeee!!! :spin::balloons::balloons::balloons: so what to do next? NCLEX or CGFNS? or Work?
  2. biggiebaby

    to all recent board passers..whats NEXT?

    hello! congratulations to all who passed the June NLEX! we all made it as RNs! thanks for the infor nurseako, though im quite confused which exam to take first NCLEX or CGFNS? a friend told me it takes 3-4 mos before we can get our license and they said the deadline of application for CGFNS is on September...im also scouting for reviews on review materials for both international exams, but still i don't know which exam to take first. perhaps u can help us on this matter.. thanks so much!