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cardiology/intensive care
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pushon has 14 years experience and specializes in cardiology/intensive care.

Male nurse

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  1. pushon

    ohio board alternative program

    Are you in the program. Any advice on how to survive + complete it sucessfully?
  2. pushon

    ohio board alternative program

    I have been compliant with the program; yet I've had 2 jods in the 15 months ( 1 lasted a year + the second one lasted 3 months ) . I feel there's a subconscience discrimination from supervisors/ managers and a few co-workers that lead to a negative preception of my job preformance regardless of how reliable nor how well I do my job. I'm very frustrated
  3. pushon

    ohio board alternative program

    I've been in the program for over 2 yrs. I feel that the program is set up to push the participate out of nursing. I recently had a job offer ; yet due to my previous employer not getting there information in prior to the review my job request was unable to be reviewed. Is it required for the Board to have a statement from the previous employer to review the new job offer. The next review of pending job offers was to be in 2 weeks. Understandably the employer had to fill the position. I've had to start over again with my job seach. I'm in a financial crisis and feel I swimming against a strong current. I've always have felt when I come to the end of my rope to tie a knot in it and hang on. I now feel that knot is well greased and I'll be plumiting soon.